Morality of the Bible & Founder of Church Kicked in the Head | Kera – PA | Atheist Experience 21.43

Morality of the Bible & Founder of Church Kicked in the Head | Kera - PA | Atheist Experience 21.43

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The Atheist Experience episode 21.43 for November 5, 2017, with Jen Peeples and John Iacoletti.

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10 thoughts on “Morality of the Bible & Founder of Church Kicked in the Head | Kera – PA | Atheist Experience 21.43”

  1. Tell them. I love you guys with all my hearth, but i dont believe what you believe. I respect you all, but i dont respect your beliefs. I dont expect you to respect what i believe but i need you to respect me to have a healthy relationship. If your believes wont allow you to respect me, then those are not good believes.
    Thats what you should tell them, but you gotta be ready to bail out if they dont respect you, Its a shame, but thats religion.

  2. This call brought me to tears. This girl was so genuine, and kind natured. And it brought me back to my coming out to my parents, and my mom basically have the same reaction. And having my father who had been my best friend since high school, tell me flat out that “we can’t be friends anymore, because you essentially think I believe in Santa Clause” I remember how painful of a time that was to me. This show helped me out so much over the years, and I wish I had listened to more calls like this at that time. I hope her and her family have found some common ground, like I have found with mine. Time seemed to help us. And what a great job both these hosts did, the compassion and empathy they showed was really awesome!!

  3. I guess I can't relate but if my parents were religious zealots I really wouldn't have a problem saying bye Felicia. Have fun with your fantasy and your fake family.

  4. What's the difference between a religion and a cult? Nothing. This girl needs to escape. Funny thing is atheists wouldn't really be bothered if a friend of there's who was previous an atheist became religious, but many religious people go nuts if a friend or even a child of theirs becomes an atheist. It just shows how fucked up getting seriously into religion really is. You do not need any god or religion to care about others and not impose your shit on them.

  5. These are always the saddest calls. I think Jen handles them amazingly. She shows clear compassion and understanding and when to just listen. Her advice is always earnest and uncompromising. She says what is hard to say but that needs saying.

  6. She is in a codependent abuse cycle with her parents, they are her abuser/enablers. She needs to run away far and fast!!

  7. I assume her parents were on board with her having attended college and furthering her education. She might ask of them, "What is the value in that? How is it possible to learn without asking questions?

  8. Possibly the best thing to do is live your life as a very good person, like you seem to be. Eventually your family will see this as OK. If not, then they really have issues that they have to resolve. There is not much you can do about that.

  9. Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs – Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep! If your children stop believing in god do you disown them pour petrol on them and set them on fire. .god does that to non believers ..what a monster your god is and you are disgusting human being for loving him …thank goodness he dosent exist

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