Making It Grow – Mrs. Whaley’s Garden

Making It Grow - Mrs. Whaley's Garden

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Clemson Extension Agent and Host of “Making It Grow” visited the famous Mrs. Whaley’s Garden in Charleston, SC. She was lucky enough to get a tour with one of Mrs. Whaley’s daughters, Marty Whaley Adams Cornwell.

Mrs. Emily Whaley (1911-1998) and her husband, Ben Scott Whaley (1909-1987), bought the circa 1754 Charleston Single House in 1938 and raised three daughters there. In 1942, Mrs. Whaley commissioned Landscape Architect Loutrel W. Briggs (1893-1977) to design a plan for their 30 x 110 foot plot behind their Pre-Revolutionary home on Church Street. Mrs. Whaley’s legacy is felt in the open garden rooms and her ever-lasting memoir, “Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden”.

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  1. I have just finished reading 'Mrs Whaley and her Charleston Garden' and enjoyed it very much; such a lovely little story. I told my friend who lives in Davidson NC and thought perhaps she would be able to source the book via her Library as I am sure she would enjoy reading it too; unforunately the Library did not have it which surprised me.

  2. LOVE! Thank you – so inspiring! The comment on shells being "gods sculpture." So thankful that her daughter has done such an amazing ob of taking care of this beautiful legacy from her mother.

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