Lion kills 22-year-old intern at North Carolina zoological park

Lion kills 22-year-old intern at North Carolina zoological park

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Alexandra Black was killed Sunday when a lion got out of a locked space and attacked a team cleaning its enclosure.

Conservators Center, a 45-acre wildlife park in rural Caswell County, said Alexandra Black, a 22-year-old intern, was killed instantly.

Caswell County sheriff’s deputies then tried to tranquilize the lion but failed, so the animal was killed to allow emergency personnel to retrieve Black’s body, Sheriff Tony Darden Jr. said in a statement.

Black was a native of New Palestine, Indiana, about 100 miles north of Indianapolis, and a recent graduate of Indiana University. She had been working at the center for about two weeks, Darden said.

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28 thoughts on “Lion kills 22-year-old intern at North Carolina zoological park”

  1. Well, that will teach that lion to never do what he was born to do ever again.
    I hope all the other caged predators there learned their lesson.

  2. This has nothing to do with politics you can't mixed it stick to the real issues . My deepest condolence to the young womans family so many weirdo 's in this world if she were ur kin u would say stupid things smdh animals belong in the wild and when something like this happens people pissed at an animal that should have never been their in the first place

  3. Im sorry for the lives that was lost. The person and the lion but this is what happens when we try to domiscate wild animals

  4. First of all, how did this Lion Escape? Did it come with a master plan idea? Were there two lion involved? Was it an inside job? Did the other Lion steal a key from a human employee and then give it to the other lion? These are the questions that need to be answered.

  5. BS on the animal!! You lost a human being! The lion was a wild animal. The person had families that love them.

  6. First of all may she rest in peace and my condolences to the family. I believe that no matter what a, "wild animal" will always be what it is. When people try to domesticate or keep under whatever sorts of captivity for whatever reasons, doesn't change the animals natural instincts.

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