8 thoughts on “Lancaster Prophetic Conference 2018 Session 8 Joe Sweet”

  1. Love your preaching Pastor Joe! Our family LOVES Brother Sadhu, Bobby Conner & you & SWC thankful for the genuine hearts after The Lord!

  2. Yes, the Power of God will come when we being to work in Harmony, Love one another, Forgive one another.
    Then it's time to be about our Father's Business. For the Field is Ripe for Harvest.
    Fellow Christians, we are the Light of the World. You shall go forth to share the good news, heal and deliver, when the Holy Spirit come upon you.

  3. that's the reason Jesus said seek ye first the kingdom of God and then all these things that we need will be added to us. I started praying for other people and God took care of me. that's one of the principles in the kingdom of God

  4. The church's mission for the last 80 years has been to get people saved but never to disciple them. This is one of the big problems with churches. These people are not being discipled so that they know what to do and I know that for a fact because I was one of them. When I asked what do I do after being saved they said read my Bible which I had never seen one in my entire life till then. I tried and I didn't understand it so I went back and ask more questions so they said I'll just ask God about it. I didn't even know if I was supposed to be praying to Jesus or God or who. I was in new believer totally confused and because nobody could give me any direction I backslid. I've been trying to tell churches for years please disciple your new believers or you're going to lose them to the world.

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