June 26, 2017 | Our surprise Sunset LGBT Beach Elopement! #LoveWins

June 26, 2017 | Our surprise Sunset LGBT Beach Elopement! #LoveWins

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What better way to end Pride month than to surprise family and friends and elope on the two year anniversary of the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage across the nation!
How lucky I am to be able to find my soul-mate and marry my best friend. 🙂

For our first dance, we danced to “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill & D’angelo. Tiffany danced to You Raise Me up by Josh Groban with her father. DeShonna danced to “I look to you” by Whitney Houston with her father.

We were originally planning for a 2018 wedding, but throughout the wedding planning process we realized quickly that not only was it stressful, but it didn’t feel like it was about our union anymore- and that really bothered us. We were stressing about finding entertainers, the right catering company and vendors to work with, the right venue.

Shout out to Sun & Sea Weddings for coordinating our dream wedding for less than $2,000 and traveling from Florida. We had a simple, beautiful, intimate wedding with less than 20 people. We only told immediate family and friends who have genuinely supported our relationship. You can check out Sun & Sea Beach Weddings’ packages at

Shout out to Flower & Gift Basket Inc in Athens, GA that provided us with vibrant, gorgeous bouquets last minute within 3 days and helped us preserve them for our wedding.

Shout out to Shout out to Sweet Elegance Bridal boutqie in Decatur, GA for letting us walk-in and making sure we walked out with our dream dress off the rack that was not only affordable, but so flattering and gorgeous! They were such a joy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

Songs used throughout video:
Color by Todrick Hill

Love Me Now – John Legend cover by Evan Taylor Jones

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  1. Lovely and unique choice. Please subscribe back and check out a wedding video I put together for my sister.

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  4. Hello, loves!!!

    Thanks to everyone who has shown support of our union and our channel! We hope to get a new Camera soon and be much more active. Until then, if you want to continue following us, add us on Snapchat!

    DeShonna aka Dee – deshonnajohnson
    Tiffany- b0rnthisgay

    Much love and light ✨,

    Dee and Tiff

  5. Beautiful ladies!!! My girl just asked me on Christmas so now um looking on YouTube for wedding ideas… Wish u guys happiness and success

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