James Record Road Railroad Crossing, Huntsville, AL

James Record Road Railroad Crossing, Huntsville, AL

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Signal on the left: 1 pair of RACO 8 inch lights, 1 Harmon 8 inch light, and 1 Harmon 8 inch light with a WCH 2nd Generation LED.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of RACO 8 inch lights.
The bell is a General Signals Type 3 electronic bell mounted on the relay case.

Went out railfanning today for the first time in 2018. I only caught one train today, due to a curfew on the NS Memphis District, but I made it count. That train just so happened to be NS A81, which had finished-up switching the Jetplex Intermodal Terminal at the airport and was heading back to the main line with an NS Operation Lifesaver SD40-2 leading an NS Dash-9!

There haven’t been any changes to this crossing since I was out here last.

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  1. Wow P3 and a GEVO now that's a real catch, though I think my most favorite catch on my channel is at graphics drive that featured NS A85 with a K3HA equipped engine leading

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