Hiking Cougar Divide & Chowder Ridge

Hiking Cougar Divide & Chowder Ridge

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September 15, 2014. Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Whatcom County, Washington.

I started off with the intent to summit Hadley Peak, but had to settle for getting most of the way up Chowder Ridge before turning around, due to not being properly equipped to cross treacherous snow.

But even just to the end of Cougar Divide is a great hike. The trail is a bit rough because it’s not maintained by the Forest Service, but not too bad.

To get here head east on Mount Baker Highway from Bellingham, then turn off on Wells Creek Road, the road to Nooksack Falls. Drive all the way to the end, nearly 13 miles (go left at the fork about 12 miles up). Like the trail, the road is rough, and not maintained after crossing Wells Creek 6 miles in. Not recommended for low-clearance vehicles.

5 thoughts on “Hiking Cougar Divide & Chowder Ridge”

  1. Loved the video! How does this hike compare with the Skyline Divide Trail? Scenery and difficulty-wise?

    Also, we did a similar hike to this on Mt. Baker, called the Rainbow Ridge hike. It too is an unmaintained trail that doesn't appear on official maps. It was a great hike, but we encountered HUGE spiders across the trail, as large as 1 or 1.5 inches in diameter. We are scared to death to do that hike again, but I think the reason that they were there was because we did the hike after a rainy day(?). Are large spiders common in the North Cascades? Could it be common on unmaintained trails in this region? I would love to do this hike or even Rainbow Ridge again, but I am concerned about encountering those spiders again. I'm used to hiking abandoned trails or cross country travel, but I've never encountered spiders this large anywhere in southern Washington.

  2. Loved watching this.So beautiful. I love how you fade in and out between clips! Well I'm now officially a huge fan of your videos. I appreciate the fact that you took your time to help me out and provide wisdom, not a lot of people care too much nowadays.

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