FALSE Christians LIE to silence Street Preacher!

FALSE Christians LIE to silence Street Preacher!

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Lonnie Matherne & Evangelist Jimmy Miller preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at 3 Rivers Art Festival in Covington, LA
The following is from Wikipedia,

Open-air preaching, street preaching, or public preaching is the act of publicly proselytizing a religious message to crowds of people in open places. It is an ancient method of communicating a religious or social message and has been used by many cultures and religious traditions, but today it is usually associated with Evangelical Protestant Christianity.

Early Methodist preachers John Wesley and George Whitefield preached in the open air, which allowed them to attract crowds larger than most buildings could accommodate.

Motives for open-air preaching include to glorify God and to fulfill the command to preach and make God’s Word known.[

Some who believe street preaching is Biblical include examples such as Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount that of the prophet Jonah, who reluctantly obeys the command of God to go to the city of Nineveh and preach “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!”.[Others listed include Paul’s speech to the Athenians in Acts 17. However, others believe from scripture that Jesus was not technically a street preacher nor could possibly be one, “He shall not strive, nor cry; neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets.”
The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry lists the “many examples of street preaching in the Bible” as including Noah, Solomon, Ezra, Jeremiah, Jonah, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, Phillip and Apollos.[6]

Martin Luther wrote that “Unauthorized men preaching on the street corners are a sure sign of the devil”,] believing that only those who were officially ordained could preach to people.[citation needed] This the same charge clergy from the Church of England were leveling at the Wesleys in their own time.

Some notable modern street preachers are Jesse Morell, Jed Smock, Ruben Israel, Ross Maroney, Seth Dixon and Caleb Pegues

The ministry “Open Air Outreach” lists legal rights of open air preaching, like “We have the right to exercise our religion and speak in all quintessential public forums,” “We have a “guaranteed access” to streets, parks, and other ‘traditional public forum” and mere inconvenience to the government will not outweigh our free speech interests,” and “Our freedom of speech may not be prohibited merely because it offends some listeners”

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44 thoughts on “FALSE Christians LIE to silence Street Preacher!”

  1. Keep up the good work there Jimmy they just jealous or something they don't want to hear you or something Bill said that praise the Lord

  2. How can they say your too loud. When there are so many people there and talking anyways. I think they don't like hearing a pure gospel preaching. They just want hear, Jesus loves you and Carry on, and do what you want, and live in sin, as long as you believe in Jesus your good to go. That's the new age Chruch. Very bad times brother Jimmy.

  3. Love you Brother Jimmy, I am on the path with you now Brother, may my 35 years be as blessed and wondrous for the Lord Jesus to receive as I am about my Heavenly Fathers business too! We need more like us Brother!

  4. Religion holds no truth
    Apparent others can't give you truth
    You can't find truth
    You ARE truth
    it,s effortless to see
    only thought says otherwise.

  5. All your videos are so intense and it angers me how there is so many ignorant people out there. These are the last days. I need to stop watching and open my Bible and pray

  6. Why is it that Christians are always shut down keep quiet don’t preach our faith ! No the devil won’t shut us up ! Because Jesus will have the last saying and victory in the end !

  7. The street preacher does have a right to free speech. But with that right, he can also be annoying to those who were FAR more interested in hearing the girl play her guitar and sing.

    There is an arrogance in some who think "people NEED to hear my words". It just isn't the case. Do you know how many times people hear the same thing…over and over….from preachers [regardless of the venue]? You aren't giving people any new words, unless they have been totally sheltered in their life. But why not open up a stand where people can approach YOU, if they choose to? Why disrupt a gathering?

    And BTW, I'm not scared of your "Hell",…even IF the bible had actual truth in it. People don't go to such a place. The answer is found right in the bible. Just do a search on "Hell", and do so without the bindings of the human invented doctrines which have shackled people for many hundreds of years.

    Mostly, I'm amused when one religious person tells another religious person that "they aren't doing it right",…as if anyone actually knows [even IF a god exists].

  8. Don’t worry preacher jimmy and I will pray for you and LORD GOD will deliver you from wicked people
    These people surrounds him are lukewarm christian

  9. the cop is saved that's why the officer removed the satanic man trying to shut him up. keep up the great work brother .

  10. I don't trust all religions I'm not any religion it all a fight drama or something when it come to religious people even in there churches any body who believes Jesus is God and says he's the son of God does not know what he talking about how is he God if he's the son of God and who is he praying to himself don't make know since Jesus was born again how are we born again how did we die and come back like Jesus now that's born again I don't want to deal with false teachings on my utube

  11. what kind of christian festival is sponsored by budwiser lite?

    "If a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, saying, I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet of this people" Micah 2:11

  12. The "true Christians" would want to hear the Gospel no matter the volume, and it's possible some lukewarm Christians may hear him at this festival and come back to repentance. Great job once again!

  13. Isn't this copyright? This is Trumpet Truth Ministries who was preaching and uploaded the video so why are you copyrighting their work? You want to push to the Gospel go out and preach, don't steal the work of Jimmy Miller. He and his ministries are very successful so don't steal their work.

  14. When God say's to preach it's time to preach n that is what's most important, following God n now worrying about man.

  15. He’s so damn rude shouting over a little girl trying to sing. How would you like it if somebody blasted their radio as loud as they could in front of your church doors while you’re trying to preach

  16. I hope lightning strikes this old man,this shouldn't be legal,to scream at people on the street…he thinks women should stay silent in the church,and he gets to yell at them..quite the double standard there jimmy

  17. Matthew Rhodes, the Bible is clear that the torments of hell are eternal; this is why the message is so urgent! And this is the man's motivation for going out there. Anyway, check the message and don't hate the messenger ok?

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