Eric Church – Interview

Eric Church - Interview

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Eric Church is interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland’s Another Country with Ricky Ross during the 2016 Country 2 Country festival in Glasgow.

25 thoughts on “Eric Church – Interview”

  1. Damn, remind me if I ever make it in the music biz to NEVER play in the U.K. or wherever they are across the pond. What a lame ass crowd. Geez, make some fn noise people.

  2. Yea you forgot my record when you bought that place in Germany n surprised everyone well I never got a record n I'm a huge fan

  3. Eric is an original,authentic artist and anyone who can't appreciate that need not comment. Rave on, Eric. Thank you for doing the interview and allowing your fans a closer look at who you are. You are a brilliant, gifted writer and musician and a blessing to all of us . Thank You!

  4. You have to consider the age group of the crowd they're pitching to. Even though Eric's music cover's a wide age group his most loyal fans will follow into the 18-50 age group. There are some listeners beyond that but check out who's buying tickets and going to the concerts. Check out the age group of this audience.

  5. I love this interview but it's very disappointing to see all the "fans" who don't sing along to the songs because they don't know the words. We need to have this do over interview in The USA where his true, loyal fans are.

  6. What a terrible interview. The interviewer got a number of song titles wrong, the audience seemed comatose, and for some strange reason Eric didn't leave.

    I am all for spreading good music and great artists, but this highlighted how Europeans don't quite get North American music.

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