Elaina Matthews: Faith Story

Elaina Matthews: Faith Story

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Elaina Matthews grew up in a multi-generational, conservative Seventh-day Adventist family. She was homeschooled through many of her grade school years and also attended Daystar Christian School, an Adventist elementary school in Pueblo, Colorado. She graduated from Campion Academy, an Adventist boarding high school. After discovering that she would not be able to afford to attend an Adventist college, she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, so that she could attend a university near an Adventist college. While there, she began to read her Bible without also reading Ellen White, and for the first time discovered that what she had been taught growing up Adventist did not agree with the Bible. Laini met and fell in love with the true Jesus of the Bible and became a Christian, leaving the Adventist church at the age of 21. She still lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, and will soon return to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to finish her bachelor’s degree in vocal music. She sings in the chorus at Opera Omaha and has a passion for music. Her church home is Lincoln Berean Church, and she also participates in the music ministry at Eastridge Presbyterian Church. Laini started a ministry for Adventist young adults in conjunction with Life Assurance Ministries that is a spin-off from their Bible Studies for Adventists website. Bible Studies for Adventists: Young Adults is an open Facebook group that seeks to compare what is taught in the Collegiate Quarterly with Scripture. Laini writes commentaries on the Collegiate Quarterly material and moderates the group:

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  1. I am so sad and so sorry dear sister. I am a Seventhday Adventist. I am praying for you. Please pray more and study more the Bible. I feel like crying for all of you.

  2. Elaina Matthews you said that if you take Jesus as your personal Saviour you don't need to keep Sabbath or any commandments, Jesus will forgive you and take you in heaven. Then shall I rape you and kill you, and Jesus will forgive me. Do you allow that? I also take Jesus as my personal Saviour.

    Shall I be murderer, shall I be raper, shall I be stealer, and shall I be idolater and can I go heaven?
    ask yourself.

    Jesus came to this earth not to save man in sin but from their sin.
    Jesus will save us out of sin, and not in sin.
    Jesus came to lived in our fallen human flesh and lived without sinning. He is our example so that we also can live without sinning by His grace. Jesus never used his divine power to resist temptation.

    Satan knew that our Saviour Jesus
    Christ was taken our human nature so he tempted Jesus. If not Satan will not temp Jesus. Repent Elaina and go to the root.

  3. "Saved" from what exactly? It sounds like you wake up from one tale only to fall into the the spell of another. Have you ever considered that maybe you being "dead in your sins" is just another fable??

  4. Wrong, but thanks for playing. False doctrine is a sin and damages people's lives. If you have an impotent Jesus whose blood doesn't atone you don't have saving grace. This isn't a matter of minor points. Adventism teaches another gospel and they are cursed by God for doing so. Adventism does damage to every single major doctrine of Christianity. To say that Jesus saves no matter what your doctrine is naive and no where to be found in a real Bible.

  5. Lots of Christians need counseling. Some fellowships have paid counsellors on staff. Simply reading Holy Writ and/ or meditation on scripture doesn't always free people from the demonic hold a cult can have on a person. Counseling and group retreats can be very powerful in freeing people from the shackles of false guilt and emotional pain. As far as reading the Bible you may want to study passages about compassion. Jesus was was gentle and full of mercy. Not a pompous ass such as your self.

  6. My need for instruction from you is exactly zero. Let it go? I have just begun. Adventism is a demonic cult that damages people. God has instructed me to be on the lookout for false prophets and to expose them. Ellen White taught doctrines that are antithetical to the gospel and undermine the gospel. And that's in a real Bible.

  7. Hmm. So is she trying to say that once you've accepted Jesus into your heart and a few years later you find that you've surrounded yourself with bad influences and you kill someone in a fit of rage. But never confess it or ask forgiveness for it. At are you still considered saved? Would you still go to heaven?

  8. Kermit the pig lover- that's funny. Love it.
    Pigs need love. I'm a pig, or a wretch in need of love. Elaina comes off as a little angry and probably needs counseling. I spent $4k on counseling. It helped. Ex Adventists need love and understanding.
    We were damaged by Ellen and her deceived followers. Adventism is a demonic cult and all should be happy that Elaina found the true gospel and liberty.
    Ellen taught that individuals that leave Adventism are lost and will be the the most enthusiastic to murder Adventists when the "Sunday Law " is enacted. The lunacy just never stops. I would like to ask Colleen if she feels foolish for ever believing the error of Adventism. It seems so clear that the doctrines and culture are unbiblical. I heard Dale mutter that he found it hard to believe that he ever believed the false doctrine.

  9. I found this book to be extremely helpful,
    The subtle power of spiritual abuse recognizing and escaping spiritual manipulation and false spiritual authority within the church, by david johnson and jeff vav vonderen

  10. You cannot use excerpts from the commentaries of trintarian, born-again Christians to prove the SDA point that Jesus is Michael the archangel. Calvin believed Jesus was the eternal, almighty, second person of the Trinity. He was not a separate being from the Father and the Spirit; God is One. He is a separate person, but He is of the same substance as the Father and the Son. Adventists do not believe this; Calvin did. It's illegitimate to use Calvin et al to try to prove the SDA position.

  11. The SDAs and the JWs are the ones who identify Michael the Archangel as Jesus. Christians have never equated Jesus with "archangel". Jude 9, moreover, disallows identifying Michael the archangel with Jesus. Adventism was founded in Arianism and anti-trinitarianism. That foundation still colors SDA theology. The Adventist Jesus is not the almighty, eternal God the Son of Scripture.

  12. It's bad scholarship to say Calvin, for example, believed Jesus was Michael the Archangel. He was clear that Jesus wasn't an angel, but he left it open as to whether Michael in Daniel represented Jesus or not. You have to read Calvin himself, not the SDA commentators who quote him and others out of context.

  13. From one ex-SDA to another, I would urge you to seek professional counseling. Many of us leaving the church are diagnosed with PTSD from the lifestyles/doctrines imposed upon us as children.

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