Doug Mitchell Interview during “Branch Davidian” Waco Siege – Channel 9 News March 1, 1993

Doug Mitchell Interview during "Branch Davidian" Waco Siege - Channel 9 News March 1, 1993

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This is a news clip from channel 9 local news coverage in Orange County, California on March 1, 1993 concerning the distinction between Branch Davidians and Koreshians as well as the distinction between Seventh-day Adventists and Koreshians. Doug Mitchell is interviewed as well as an SDA pastor from Southern California named Charles Dart.

This news clip is a short interview with Branch Davidian Douglas Francis Mitchell which was recorded and aired on March 1, 1993 during the raid on New Mt. Center, Waco Texas. Doug Mitchell explains how David Koresh was not truly a Branch Davidian but had separated from the movement some years before. Later, he said concerning this interview,
“On Sunday evening, February 28, 1993, upon hearing the news reports of the tragic incident in Waco I made numerous attempts to reach the television networks and newspapers to tell them some of the important information regarding David Koresh and his followers and his relationship (and lack thereof) to the true Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists. Much of what I tried to convey to all concerned is contained in this testimony.
It being Sunday evening, most of the news agencies were closed and just had their voice mail machines on, or someone there just took notes to pass on to someone else the next day. I was able to arrange for one interview with KCAL TV, channel 9, in Los Angeles, California, and was subsequently interviewed by their reporter, Michelle Gelle, the next day (Monday March 1, 1993) for about forty-five minutes. Of this interview less than half a minute of the total interview was aired twice on that same Monday evening. Most of the important information which I related to them was not made public, though they were decent enough to state that my “branch” of the Church did not believe in the use of weapons or polygamy, as did Koresh and his followers.” – The Warfare by Vernon Howell (a.k.a. David Koresh) and Others against the Branch Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists.

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