Cornerstone Church Nashville Christmas Presentation | My Critique and Question

Cornerstone Church Nashville Christmas Presentation | My Critique and Question

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A quick walkthrough of the Cornerstone Christmas presentation and my question as it relates to the sign in the heavens the current “wise men” are pointing to.

Link to the full presentation:

Link to more on the Revelation 12 Sign:

9 thoughts on “Cornerstone Church Nashville Christmas Presentation | My Critique and Question”

  1. Sad, but I have been able to use this video to illustrate to family what is out there and why finding a true place of worship is getting harder.

  2. I'm not sure if I want to laugh? or cry? This church is so blatantly pagan! I'm glad they don't want you there! That means the devil doesn't like you, & that's okay! : )

  3. Thes mega churches so called are A work of the New World Order catholic antichrist spirit. " Depart from me ye workers of iniquity ,I never knew you." Birthdays were a lie from the beginning and including "the birth day of Jesus" so called. John 17:5 " And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was." "The Great I Am" has no birth date .

  4. in this age, when you tell some people who call themselves Christmas that Jesus is coming soon and they say "not in my lifetime", nothing surprises me anymore.

  5. It saddens me to see the "GIMMICKS" churches are using to get that money!!! Revelation is a dusty chapter in churches bibles today! That Christmas show you presented is so "WRONG" in so many ways. I was like —— WOW!

    Today, nobody cares about signs. The Rev 12 sign is considered a conspiracy theory. I had a proclaimed Christian tell me that on Sept. 24, 2017 — I will tell you I told you so! I said, Maybe you will, IF YOU CAN FIND ME!!!

    I actually talked to my first guy that was truly interested to hear. He was a young guy with a job as a life guard. It was funny. It was really hot and I was on the beach. The place I was at had 2 pools. One pool was in the sun and the other had shade on one corner near him. There was nobody at this pool. I went over and put my feet in. He immediately approached me and started chatting. The conversation went into religion. He asked me what church I go too. I said I dont go to churches on the corner and i told him why. He asked, Do you believe in Tithing? I said, no, its a lie to get your money. He said, Yes, I agree!

    After 10 minutes we were talking about the Rev 12 sign. He had no clue! He said, nobody ever told him about that. I told him what it was, where he can see it and how to read about it. I also told him about the Rapture and what to do if he missed it.

    He asked, How do I make it?
    I told him what to do so he would not have to worry about missing it.

    I left him and I perceived that he was excited and happy. He said he could not wait to look it up in Google.

    My point – there is not much interest in the Rev 12 sign and most dont even believe it or will even look at it. Finally, I found one who was interested!!!!!!!

  6. oh my goodness…more proof that we are so close… We are to be the LIGHT in the dark places… I liked your message that if we were in a "church" that was sending this worldly message, that we should be bold to bring it to the pastor and then to the others there…. with the boldness and help of the Holy Spirit…maybe to bring some to Salvation. I am not in a church like this thankfully but are blessed to be evangelizing with my son and his wife here in Orlando…the time is close…prepare ye the way!!! thank you for your video and time!!! God bless you!

  7. Back in 2012, some people invited us to attend thier churches Christmas program. It was ridiculously worldly, complete with scantily clad chorus line dancing girls and all! I knew something was terribly wrong , even before I learned the pagan history of Christmas. If we become indistinguishable from the world, are we really letting our light shine before men??! We are supposed to come out from among them, and be separated! Not morph into them.

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