Can I listen to Hip Hop and still love God?

Can I listen to Hip Hop and still love God?

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Q: Can I love Can I listen to Hip Hop and still love God?

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Aaron Mamuyac is a pastor of Youth, Young Adults, and Community Groups in Port Saint Lucie Florida. He has been in ministry for 10 years and a Youth Director for 6 years. He has now authored 3 books and has become an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and is planning to plant a church in the next few years.

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34 thoughts on “Can I listen to Hip Hop and still love God?”

  1. I like rap artist like lil pump and lil zan and people like that but it dose not to make me have sex or do drugs

  2. Well lets say the song was rap, it was vulgar but it was my way to let stress out without causing anybody problems, would that be a sin?

  3. No, God did not create our carnal music styles like hip hop, rock, pop, blues, dance, trap, dubstep etc. The music that is the most natural and soul-pleasing is classical music or music in general that has dynamics in it. Heavy Metal is carnal, it is monotonic thrashing of guitar strings. Hip hop is carnal, it is monotonic rapping to monotonic tunes. Pop is carnal, it is monotonic beats with monotonic and repetitive patterns. All that kind of music acts like a machine without real feelings. Classical music and songs sung in Church are dynamic: You slow down a bit at the end of every breathing time and therefore don't sing like a machine.

  4. In the case of LeCrae he sold out to reach an audience so that he could make money. What he has done is prostitute his Christian audience and when he didn't need them anymore he changed his "genre." How are you a Christian label and remove Romans 1:16 from your website. How do you have one of your artist refuse to explain what the "116" on his hat means? LeCrae called himself a Christian Rapper until it was beneficial for him and his label. I would suggest to a believer especially a young believer to stay away from secular Hip Hop because 99% of it doesn't glorify God.

    Keep the videos coming Bro.

  5. fuck religion and God. God is the most fake thing that mankind has ever created, same with the devil, heaven and hell is just shit created to scare you and to control you to make you be good. btw, Aaron, did you know that you can't have a haircut? that's a sin, not sure if you read the Bible but it is

  6. Music is what God Made, however genre is a man made thing. Because of what is good and bad, hard aggressive beats, sound manipulation, unholy lyrics which are commonly found in hip hop I considered it to be bad. When I think of God, I think of his holiness. So I would rather listen for holy sounds. Sounds that are big and heavenly. Listen for words that are true.

  7. I agree with what you're saying, what I have been blessed to understand is one put GOD first no matter what, this is true for your entire life, music movies, video game tastes all included. Two if you feel like it's taking you away from GOD who is your life don't do, listen to, or participate in it. Three remember GOD is love and GOD wants you to love / enjoy life in other words ask for decrement of the SPIRIT and GOD will show you if "this" is for you what that "this" may be; find your own truth in GOD remember it's a personal relationship. GOD bless you brother Aaron.

  8. nice one Aaron!!
    been looking for a YouTube channel that can understand our place as Christians and still influence the music we listen to

  9. I listen to rock and Metal alot. >.> Kind of hard to find songs like that that either glorify Him or are just true and are singing about something important.
    Atleast it was in the beginning, Now then I listen to both but mostly look for a hidden meaning in the song and hope it's good, rock and Metal are really great, Rock and Meta Bands i know that worship God or are true are:
    Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Shinedown, We as Human and a Band called " Awaken" (Since' they are not very known, search "Awaken – Narrow door" if you want to hear their music.)

    One of the songs that are heavy in metal is called " I stand" By We as Human, it has 2 versions, One you can find it in a lyrics video with a cross as the thumbnail and the new version has a door on it. (New one makes the lyrics sound vague as in to what they are referring to, but it's still nice and meaningfull.

    Hope you read this Aaron or anybody looking for some rock and Metal( not very heavy Metal btw) Music that is true and worships God.

    One of my Favorites that I always listen to when I feel like I'm on the wrong path is from Awaken, these 3 songs are called: Inertia, Narrow door and the Passerby.

    I know you mostly review popular songs and all, but hope you review now and then a song that catches your eye or you want to draw attention to, Thanks in advance and Yw to anyone who apreciates this.

  10. hey Again So Question Can you say the same for Metal and Rock as for that Genere goes cuz I listen to it a lot and they do have Christan Messages if you look between the Lines

  11. can you do a video on wether or not using Marijuana is sinning or not? Because i wanna get right with God but I'm also a user and i need your help!!

  12. I love your videos. I subscribed about a year ago, but soon after it looked like you took about a year off from making videos. Now you're back. Is that true, or did I somehow miss a year of videos…? 🙂

  13. Kinda a similar question… Can I listen to heavy rock and still go to heaven? I listen to skillet which is a supposed Christian Rock band, but some of the lyrics are a little off putting like there song monster. I think it's about anger but I'm not quite sure.

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