Abraham and Terah

Abraham and Terah

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14 thoughts on “Abraham and Terah”

  1. The Book of Jasher, The Family of Terah in Haran (xii. 15-31) tells us that Abram told Terah he he was leaving. His father told Abram to go in peace. Please research for yourself because people cannot teach you what they don't know. This man is on here taking away from the character of one of our founding fathers in the faith. Yes, they stopped in Haran, but Terah didn't have to for before Abram obeyed. He actually studied fjrst, then left. Study it out. oh yeah, Shalom.

  2. I have never heard this before.  And, I have been confused about Terah's role in these verses.  Remarkable lecture.  Thanks!

  3. Covetousness is defined by Exodus 20:17. Paul was restating the law, not making up a new rule. Covetous doesn't just mean wanting to earn more wealth. However, 1 Timothy 6:9-10 says that wanting to earn more wealth can lead to covetousness.

  4.  I think God wants us to assemble together with churches that have good people, and not just any saved church. Because God says for us to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN. In fact i believe going to a church that has saved people but are liberals and sinners can be detrimental to ones life because they can influence us negatively. I remember you even preach on not being close with CHRISTIANS THAT ARE LIVING BAD LIVES.

  5. Pastor, every king would call upon The Lord before going to battle via inquiring of a prophet–that is not the point of salvation. Abraham was saved the second he believed God–his obedience was flawed at times yes, but that's why we're saved by faith alone

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