Abandoned House #1 (Middle of the woods) – West Columbia, SC

Abandoned House #1 (Middle of the woods) - West Columbia, SC

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This house was found in the middle in the woods while me and my friends were wondering around in West Columbia, SC. People have already ransacked the whole place and torn it apart, now broken and fading quickly to mother nature, abandoned, but not forgotten.

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23 thoughts on “Abandoned House #1 (Middle of the woods) – West Columbia, SC”

  1. Good gawd! I thought the Blair Witch was gonna pop out! I'm still scared thinking about that place! That place was REALY scary! That was profoundly disturbing!

  2. Nice video-good job! My only suggestion would be to please include any historical information you can get your hands on.
    Sad little house, to end up this way.

  3. THe house could easily be salvaged…  just mostly cosmetic..  what about the big house in the back.. did you ever find out the details on the property .  

  4. what a lovely place,i wish someone would catch those stupid grafitti losers in the act and kick their asses..itd look great fixed up 🙂

  5. There are a lot of abandoned barns and stuff around especially in rural areas or small towns, I know in my state AL south Alabama especially is a gold mine for places like this. Sometimes forest fires might get them though.

  6. Mmm…not as good as the asylum but still pretty weird.It amazes me the way people can just get up and go.But I'm sure there's a story behind this.

  7. Did you happen upon any person information? perhaps you could do a bit of research and find out exactly what happened as to why the place was abandoned with everything left behind

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