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37 thoughts on “ABANDONED AMERICAN WAR HERO’S HOME – Everything Left Behind”

  1. Haha oh man I messed up so bad at the end…editing out right now XD but hope yall enjoy the video! dont forget to SHARE the video and check me on instagram @steveronin

  2. I did some digging, the man who lived there was a WW2 vet (Marine) stationed in the South Pacific. Those Japanese items were probably acquired in the war. Post war or from battle….Sad to see that they will just fade away.

  3. I wanted to see you unwrap the pkg, from Japan. I am pretty sure the guy was a hoarder tinkerer. He probably went from project to project never really finishing anything. Probably to help with his PTSD from the war. He probably fought in the South Pacific and that is why he had the Japanese antiques. Overall pretty good but too fast and not enough close ups of the good stuff like the furniture and architecture of the home. Wanted to hear one of the poems. Was the diary a females or a males, was confused by that.

  4. I am a retired combat marine. It is so sad this American hero's heritage was reduced to this! I truly wish you were allowed to do him justice but I do appreciate you doing all that you could.

  5. My best guess is that the housr has been in a state of disrepair for several years and the veteran was only living in the lower half of the house. Then when it became completely unliveable his son forced him to move. Most elderly people will not leave until forced. Although I'm not American i am grateful for his service and I'm grateful to you Steve and others for respecting this mans memory.

  6. Makes me sad. Either the family does not care enough to hold on to their memory or they had no family left to remember them.

  7. Where in PA is this? I'm assuming near Philadelphia since the main sports page was about the Phillies. I wish I could do urban exploring like you guys, but there's not much around North East PA. P.S. Keeping your SSN Card in your wallet is the worst idea ever! – Maybe this guy was a veteran of some type of Korean War or served in WWII? Hence the Japanese antiques.

  8. Found the owner's obit.. resident of Ottsville, he passed away in 2015 at age 88 at the home of his son where he resided for two yrs. He was a World War II Marine Corps veteran. It appears his son hasn't done anything with the former residence, everything was left behind. Go figure.

  9. i really wish i could have seen this-but you guys have no light, sling the camera around, dont aim camera on item you are looking at-making us really wish we could see what you are looking at-bet it was a great explore location. please work on thinking about what your audience can or cannot see-had to find another vid to watch cuz it was so irritating. a little slow down and focus & i bet you guys get really good-best of luck!

  10. I have enjoyed your vids and have finally subscribed! I love the steps back in time in the older homes, thank you for doing this and sharing with your fans! Masterless freedom completely understood!!

  11. Good grief that place is loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling that the house was his parents house. Sad that all those antiques will be heading to the junk yard.

  12. why dont you look with your eyes, I dont want to see a wonderful find like this skimmed over and just treated like people just want to see piles of junk. I am disappointed with you Steve, you can really do better, I have seen it. I cant even tell you what was done wrong..I just have no idea about this place for some reason.

  13. I'm new to your channel but it is awesome I enjoy it very much there's a lot of stuff in that house lot of antiques I see good video I love it

  14. empty abandoned houses are not puzzling me but when abandoned memorabilias, beautiful furnitures, and important things is abandoned it puzzles me lot..

  15. It’s crazy the amount of info you can find out about somebody’s life. Such as the address of the house when he passed away it took roughly 10 minutes

  16. I revamp furniture and collect unique pieces and it pains me to watch these vids and see so much beautiful stuff just rotting away…

  17. What would be really awesome if you guys would try to track down some family member so they could come get some of that precious momentos.

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