SBCoFD Structure Fire Division 3 City of Victorville Condor Road.

SBCoFD Structure Fire Division 3 City of Victorville Condor Road.

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#Local935 #Firefighters with #SBCoFD responded to a residential structure fire yesterday in the City of #Victorville. Firefighters found a well established fire and through a coordinated aggressive attack the fire was extinguished in less than 30 minutes. Two dogs were rescued and returned to the home owners. Local935 would like to thank Victorville on its continued support of public safety and staffing.

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  1. those men are crazy.. i would flee the fire but they just do the opposite! i wouldn't want to earn money this way although I like firefighters

  2. I am a junior in highschool currently, and we have a career tech called fire science. basically I'm fortunate enough to train to be a fire fighter and EMT for 70 bucks. anyway, we are learning ventilation right now and this video is extremely useful. I'll be showing my instructor Monday morning!

  3. Sollte ich einmal nach USA auswandern, würde ich den Ochsenköpfen von Firefightern einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen von wegen Dach aufsägen. Mein Dach wäre mit Stahlmatten versehen, da ginge dann die Sägekette kaputt.

  4. Why cut the rafters supporting the A/C unit?  Were you planning to drop that onto the slab anyway, to reduce the overall roof load?

  5. The fire appeared to be contained on the charlie side however the video does not show the interior layout of the house. The charlie side was obviously self venting but the alpha, bravo and delta sides could be divided from the charlie side by intact walls. The purpose of venting that side was to start cooling the interior to prevent flashover in those rooms.

  6. I'm living in Europe, and I was wondering why US FireFighter make holes in the rooftops. Firefighters here don't do that. :p 

  7. Just throwing this out there, in our academy they have told us if there is flames showing from the roof, like this, it's already vented. What is the purpose of venting in this instance if it is already vented?

  8. stupid question, but how do you vent a roof if its covered by solar collectors? say for pool heating? Just saw right through?

  9. The fire appears to have already burned a whole in the roof so why would you go with vertical ventilation over horizontal with a PP-Fan? 

  10. being a truckie myself I'm wondering why you didn't make the triangle cut so the pull man/woman is not killing themselves trying to beat in a roof piece that may or maynot have been cut completly. nice video though.

  11. We will provide some more information pertaining to this incident and the tactics used. Unfortunately the camera cut-off and was not able to record the whole incident. The San Bernardino County Fire Department takes pride in the work we do. This particular truck vents multiple roofs on a weekly basis and has a vast knowledge of roof operations and safety during operations. If you have any knowledge and experience you will understand the principal that ventilation is effective when the exiting smoke and fire are no longer under pressure, which eliminates flashover conditions and lateral fire spread. If ventilation is effective when fire exits the roof then would a 1' X 1' heat hole with fire exiting be effective? Next is building construction; this building is conventional built with 2" X 8" rafters 12" on-center creating one of the safest roofs to work on. For the concern of the HVAC unit you should notice this is not a HVAC unit but a lightweight evaporative cooler, which is much lighter and very little reason to cause concern on this type of roof. Now to address the concern of being on the roof for ventilation. Please research NIOSH reports for firefighter deaths and how many were caused by extreme conditions inside that could have been eliminated with proper vertical ventilation. Please also take notice on the very small amount of firefighter deaths caused when performing vertical ventilation. Our Department and many other Professional west-coast fire departments push to improve tactics and fire ground success. This particular structure suffered damage but we were able to save two dogs and a large percentage of the owner’s possessions including a large amount of cash. Feel free to contact our department for further information of vertical ventilation and the success of it. We post multiple videos showing our tactics and experience. Check us out on Facebook as San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters or on YouTube,, or Thanks for the comments and interest

  12. Good video but it appears to me that the structure is already self venting. wouldn't the truck crew be better use assisting with primary search or RIT.

    Edit : After watching again I believe those are differently rectangles blowing fire. So I was wrong, it's not "self venting" but still, obviously the building is a total loss and the building is venting. I don't know if the risk to the roof guys is worth the effort if no lives are at risk in the home. I mean what are you trying to save? Don't get me wrong I applaud the skill the brave work but I too have taken risks that in hindsight were WAY more risk than reward. I have been to far to many funerals wondering was it worth it? Did they NEED to be in there? From an Officers point of view I want to be able to tell a widow that ordering those guys up to the roof was a necessary risk. I'm only criticizing because I worry about my brothers. Not out of disrespect.

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