SATANIST SPEAKS: “I Am The Lord Of Darkness…”

SATANIST SPEAKS: “I Am The Lord Of Darkness..."

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Brace yourself for a shocking confession of a South African man brought up in the darkest, most bloodthirsty and devilish manner imaginable. Initiated through sodomy at a tender age into a satanic secret cult that thrived on human blood, he reveals the eerie secrets behind satanist tactics to deceive Christians, destroy souls and distort truth.

His incredible deliverance at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), after being exposed during a time of mass prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua, is filled with important lessons of life, especially for those ignorant of satanic mechanisms at work today.

We advise you to watch prayerfully and carefully, knowing that the spiritual world is real and Jesus Christ has the victory.


25 thoughts on “SATANIST SPEAKS: “I Am The Lord Of Darkness…””

  1. I saw all those gang hand signals and my mind exploded. That's literally what the US is made out of. You guys need to send people over here! Please!!!

  2. Why people believe devil is alive but they don't believe our Lord almighty jesus is alive? He's alive still the same as today tomorrow and forever he saved many times even I'm still alive because of him thank you jesus

  3. At that age! You were brave, waiting for it to kiss you! I would have died just by seeing it appear from water let alone waiting for it to feed me. God is so so good and kind! You were called to conquer satan no wonder he initiated you early to his kingdom.

  4. Let us pray that we May not fall into temptation. And if so, the Lord shall deliver us from all. T B. Joahual May God walk with you wherever you shall go.

  5. Alléluia que le nom de JESUS soit glorifier et repandu dans tout les nation !Gloire a dieu le tout puissant,le createur,…..!

  6. God is wonderful forever, this evil confession is very helpful to us as Christians. Thank you Lord of Prophet TB Joshua.

  7. Thank you jesus, for your work and have mercy for those are not believing of what is happening in this church becouse your are merciful God Amen

  8. This is a example how you can fail as a demon summoner: you need a strong heart or else the demon consume you and controll you. Edgy boys always fails to summon a demon even lower ones. (sry for mistakes)

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