38 thoughts on “Rhema and Kenneth Copeland rehearsing at convention in Fort Worth, TX”

  1. Stay far away from wolves like that…..aint nothing Biblical bout that guy or the like,save satans workers…….Truth haters ,,,spreading lies and deceit, fake fony fraud,evil tounges speaking blasphemous JUNK

  2. Acts 2.38 2.39 then Peter said unto them Repent and be Baptized every one of you in the name of JesusChrist for the Remission of your Sins and ye shall receive the gift of the HolyGhost for the promise is unto youand to your children and to all who are afar off evin as many as the Lord are God Shall Call Read also Acts 10 19 8 Genius – Revelation Visit http://Www.Voiceof God .com please call Voice of God or the United Pentecostal church Rhema and Teton and please Get Baptized in the name of are Lord JesusChrist like Gerold Buttler did when you sang Amazing Grace in the movie Machina Gun Preacher Rhema Marvanne and paster Colpland thank-you for all of you helping Calvary Apistalic in Willows California pray for Acts 2.38-2.39 Jesus name HolyGhost Healing Revival love Richard Sawyer and Family and Friends in Willows California

  3. I appreciate Brother Copeland and your Father praying for you and I appreciate him invitingyou and your Father to come over to there Church so you to sing and show people JESUS Christ is the way and the truth love Richard Sawyer and Family and Friends in Willows California

  4. I want to thank the Lord Rhema you you sounded beautiful for the Lord singing and anointing of the Holy Ghost and I want to thank the Lord for everyone that prayed and that that you prayed for you you know who it is and I want to thank the Lord for everyone you know for the whole service and everything and for the testimony that you gave how how you love that Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life and I want to thank the Lord for it everyone you know that God is used in Jesus name I'm not good on talking but God bless everyone in Jesus name

  5. yes I really really like the singing of Wendy's Rhema saying Copeland's for the Copeland's place in I just want to ask people to just pray for him I don't agree with everything that people teachers and everything I don't know where he teaches I believe 100% you got to repent and be baptized in Jesus name before with the Holy Ghost but I appreciate if we are all just pray that if it's someone's in doing something false or something and I don't want to judge God we just bring them give them the knowledge you know of the love for the truth like I seen and Rhema you know haven't and you know I forgive the pastor that baptizer in the titles father son holy girls but I'm trusting God for her and everyone else to be baptized name of Lord Jesus Christ cuz Acts 2:38 18 and 19 says you got repent and be baptized maybe Jesus Christ for the remission you sent you shall receive the gift of all the goals for the promise is unto you your children those apartment load of God should call and if you read in the book of Acts it was many signs and wonders that happened and I just want to admire in and thank the Lord for the hunger and the anointing that that you have on you Rhema and I want to thank the Lord for all the other ones talking about anyone in the body of Christ cuz everyone in God's side one light beer finger one might be at oh everyone's important we got to pray for one another God bless you all in Jesus name

  6. Can someone explain to me please why the Hate towards K. Copeland? Please educate us so that we are aware! I would like some grounded proof please! God Bless you all!

  7. God says Christianity iz a growth, 1st. Peter 2;2 "Az newborn babes,or babies,DEZIRE The sincere Milk of The WORD that you may GROW thereby" and thoze still on that bottle will alwayz speak out against the onez trying to get them to leave the bottle and go to strong meat.Hebrews 5:14…but strong meat belongz to thoze who are of full age …or mature. So you just keep them pampers on you carnal Christians. You are the very reason people dont want Christianity! Just look at you Frank Smith, getting all nervous and full of worry…you definitely arent stepping out of that boat like peter did…your satisfied with walking in unbelief.

  8. Beautiful!!! Little Darlin', it's me again. I posted on another of your songs, but I love you so much. And I was a little singer, the daughter of a Baptist preacher, IN LOVE with the Lord. But I didn't realize then how the devil wanted to stop me, and I fell into his trap and fell away from God, losing my singing ministry. Oh, please, stay close to God! I'm praying for you!

  9. I am so very proud of Rhema most people her age aren't doing the things that they should be doing that rhema is doing thumbs up if you agree gives this 50 thumbs up<3!

  10. Awww! I love this gifted little gal. Her parents must praise God daily. What a precious little soul, beautiful too, i bet she is gracious and as nice as she looks inside. Blessings to u, Rhema and ur parents ^_^

  11. Rhema, i love the way you sing it made me cry, I hope that you will continue singing to inspire everyone. I wish i can see you in person, may the Lord God bless you always.. 🙂

  12. @rickgigliotti

    Ofcourse God doesn't use sickness to teach his children and it is a sick twisted doctrine that says that he does.

    But then, religious Christianity (as opposed to Scriptural Christianity) is full of sick twisted man made doctrines.

  13. SO glad that Rhema has a good church to pray for her and support her and her dad through the maze of fame. This is God's season for using media and the arts, so GO, RHEMA!! He's put you in the right place, at the right time. I pray every good thing for you, Rhema, and all those you love. God's blessings, dear one. ♥ from NH ♥

  14. Please hold the spirit honey never let it go… Had the same expectation from Rachel Lamba But… God Bless You and Guide You….

  15. Please hold that spirit honey never let it go… Had the same expectation from Rachel Lamba But… God Bless You and Guide You….

  16. @jessaabella You have to be sixteen for American Idol…and she will go far without them. If she stays true to the Lord, He will bless her and send her where she needs to go. One gal was called "self indulgent" for singing a Gospel song on AI. So, I hope that Rhema will just keep going as she is and stay true to the Lord.

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