North Massapequa, Long Island, New York, Signal 10 Building Fire, March 31, 2014

North Massapequa, Long Island, New York, Signal 10 Building Fire, March 31, 2014

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The North Massapequa Fire Department was alerted to a building fire around 14:30 hours on March 31, 2014, at Island Recreational, 1059 Hicksville Rd. First arriving Chief officers transmitted smoke showing upon their arrival, quickly after that the working fire was transmitted. Mutual aid was requested from; Bethpage, Massapequa, Levittown, Wantagh, South Farmingdale, Seaford, & East Meadow to the scene. Several other departments were requested to stand by. Any one wanting a copy of the raw video please email me at [email protected]

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  1. You set up, upwind and hit it with deck guns while the hydrants and hoses are connected.  Pissing in the wind doesn't cut it.

  2.   Thats a 1 1/2" solid bore tip being used , supplied initially by a 4"LDH and flowing about 600 GPM ,eventually augment with a 2 1/2" from a different engine and flowing a total of about 800,850 GPM , Thats all the water that was available with other engines and hand lines operating. You can have a nozzle thats rated to 2000GPM but if you can only get 400 , thats all your going to flow!
       Thats a very heavy volume of fire with some wind too! The two guys in the bucket where taken some heat before water was started ,but once water started with some aggressive tower ladder operation , fire was knock fairly quick!

  3. Liked that logo of whatever that was on their Bucket,  must have been their mascot….LOL,  still say if it's a nice warm day and you have no calls  bet it would be fun to extend that bucket as high up in the air as it would go and take your lunch and hopefully enjoy the scenery……..

  4. We don't need no stinking booster line! I always thought the nozzle on an aerial apparatus was supposed to flow at least 1,000GPM.

  5. Awesome video takes one right into the battle! I watch a lot of these channels and am so amazed at the greatness of all these firefighters. Thank you so much for all you do ,you truly are all Americas finest! This is a great channel also o e of the best!

  6. It's amazing their still putting those pencil stream nozzles on buckets these days. there are far better options, such as a 1500 – 2000 gpm monitors with pattern adjustments to really flood the fire.Task force tips Monsoon or typhoon is a good place to start. Get close open the pattern and flood the fire. 

  7. very nice to see the tower in a great offensive position 5:22, it was a little hot initially bu once they started big water it definately seemed to make the difference.

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