NEW Lucifer Church Opens in Columbia( DEVIL CHURCH )

NEW Lucifer Church Opens in Columbia( DEVIL CHURCH )

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In a country where the majority confess to be either Catholic or Christian, the idea of a temple dedicated to the devil is blasphemous at best. Yet despite much criticism, a self-proclaimed sorcerer has made it real in Montenegro, a town in the Colombian department of Quindío. [2] While the “Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple” has a legal status under the Colombian law, authorities are looking into the activities that are carried out in the temple.
Moreover, Carlos Eduardo Osorio, governor of Quindío, and the archbishop of nearby Armenia, Pablo Emiro Salas, emphasized that the cult should recognize that satanism is prohibited under the national Constitution. Rozo responded to the argument, stating that his object of worship is Lucifer, the angel expelled from heaven, not Satan. Catholicism had been the official religion of Colombia since the Spanish colonization until the constitutional reform in 1991. Ever since Catholicism remained the main religion of the nation, the presence of the satanic temple is causing a major commotion among Colombians. [1] According to Quindío’s Governor Carlos Eduardo Osorio and Archbishop Pablo Emiro Salas of nearby Armenia, the satanic cult should recognize that Satanism is prohibited under the national constitution. But cult leader Victor Damian Razo aka Hector Londoño Villegas, who built the temple in Montenegro, insisted he’s not practicing Satanism, Latin Correspondent noted. [2] During his interview with Colombian magazine Semana, Rozo explained that his object of worship is Lucifer, the angel expelled from heaven, and not Satan. That newspaper further stated that he contradicts himself, as Rozo has been witnessed making sacrifices, such as those seen during his first appearance on local channel Televisa. [2] He also detailed that he built the temple, which reportedly cost $200,000 (400 million Colombian pesos), through the financial help of multiple sponsors abroad. [2] [7] Rozo says that he is rich, well travelled and that he has received lots of contributions, although he later added that he doesn’t know exactly where the money comes from. [2] Rozo further revealed that his first follower was his wife, Yeimi Florez. He also explained why he believed that worshipping Lucifer is an “act of rebellion.” “I can conceive of itself as an act of rebellion, but we have the freedom to discover the reality, the truth,” Rozo said. “We are not Satanists. [We] do not worship the devil. [We] worship an angel named Lucifer, which was initially conceived as an angel of light, love and peace.” Rozo also shed some light regarding the four inverted crosses in his temple. While the symbolism of crosses is sacred for the Catholics, he claimed that the inverted crosses denote opposition for them.

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  1. God is great and these type of frod people cannot move people away from the God. At the last day, these people would be crying in the hot lavas and fire in hell

  2. if Rozo said,we r not satanists .we don't worship the devil. we worship an angel named Lucifer thn why cross is like this who told u to do this mf may ur soul be in hell

  3. God is coming very soon to this Earth he created . Pray for our forgiveness of sins and pray for others . God bless you all

  4. This comments section is complete cancer. These retards think people legitimately WORSHIP the devil, NO. People follow in the example of, long story short you are your own god in the eyes of a Satanist. At least know the subject before you rage about it.

  5. This is stupidity, absolute madness. Change please and follow God before you who worship the devil burn in hell. The Lord our Saviour, forgive them as they do not know what they are doing.

  6. This is letting you know the True and Living God is on His way back to judge all this sickness, In Jesus Name help Oh Jesus!!!!

  7. If there's no peace.. their is no meaning of God's existence.. Jesus is the only way to have peace. Coz he is spirit those who worship him should be spiritual. Amen.

  8. the church is not in chaos. all are in place. no rape, no violence, no fighting of members, no incest, no parricide, no injustice, no bestiality, etc… how could this be a satanic church? BIG JOKE! HAHAHA!…MAKE IT MORE HELLISH WITH FLAMING FIRES EVERYWHERE!

  9. Are you kidding me this satanic church is so bad dont follow him lets follow on jesus christ he is a only a GOD not lucifer

  10. I think even the Columbia people should raised their voice about this satan church there is only one Jesus he his our mighty GOD

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