Los Angeles sheriff says he will remove ICE agents from county jails

Los Angeles sheriff says he will remove ICE agents from county jails

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Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan on how a Los Angeles sheriff wants to remove ICE agents from county jails.

37 thoughts on “Los Angeles sheriff says he will remove ICE agents from county jails”

  1. HOW THE FUCK can state government tell the Federal government to fuck off??? Can they legally do that? If so the federals should cut funding and do whatever the hell they can to counter that…every action has an opposite and equal reactions

  2. Why doesn't the Republicans in congress and the senate bring these stats to attention during the sessions and use TV to blare these stats to the American public…………..the RINOs and weak kneed republicans are just as much to blame for this information not getting out to America…..The US senate and congress are impudent and this should anger all Americans…….these lazy political whores care only about themselves and the hell with America.

  3. how disgusting that Los Angeles Sheriff wants to remove ice Agents from County jails that's not a real Sheriff Los Angeles is basically the capital of Little Mexico California has been invaded and taken over they should direct energy weapon California burn it off the map start over afterwards

  4. If Pelosi is so migraine friendly why doesn't she invite all these people to her estate that has a big old wall around it.

  5. Pelosi and Hoyer only care about attacking the President and blaming him for everything. Instead of looking at the facts, they want to live in a fairy tale world and convince their base to live in that same world.

  6. Detention is not the right term. They are really not detained. They are free to go, but they need that free ride to their destination. That's right tax payers. We all pay for these illegals' travel, care, and welfare. Meanwhile the legal immigrants have to pay for their own travel and they are not allowed to apply for welfare because that is one of the conditions of coming to this country legally. All this immigration non sense is unfair to the tax payers and legal immigrants.

  7. I predict Pelosi isn't going to do well as Speaker matter of fact I think she's a sacrificial lamb they know they're about to get crushed and they're putting the doddering old bitty in so they don't lose anyone that isn't already on their way out

  8. Democrats are sick – exploiting tragedy for votes. Pretending to care about immigrants when all they want is power. Sick bastards!

  9. Great more tax dollars spent for their children's health care when half of Americans can't even get proper health care, they just want that paycheck from a law suit

  10. Any sheriff helping illegals escape should be charge by ICE for aiding those committing illegal acts. Entering the county illegally.

  11. I have an idea. Continue the wall running north and south along the eastern edge of California. That way they can wallow in their own excrement.

  12. California should not have sanctuary city period. We need make everyone legally to work here in the US period. California companies are hiring illegal immigrants with fake paper works and still working. California breaking a law here period and democrats are protecting them. That is wrong period.

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