In search of Alabama’s best fried chicken: Jackson’s Fried Chicken

In search of Alabama's best fried chicken: Jackson's Fried Chicken

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Who makes Alabama’s best fried chicken?
That’s what we asked the audience. We wanted places that you can find only in Alabama, so we excluded restaurant or grocery chains that extended beyond state lines.
So the audience nominated their favorites, then voted on the best places in five regions of the state.
Now, Lauren Sisler and Ike Morgan are visiting the five regional winners, seeing their towns, meeting people and, of course, eating their fried chicken. Each episode of this series takes them to a different place in Alabama — this one at Jackson’s Fried Chicken in Camden.

One thought on “In search of Alabama’s best fried chicken: Jackson’s Fried Chicken”

  1. You've already failed. Alabama's best fried chicken isn't cooked in any restaurant. I cook the best fried chicken in Alabama. Anybody that's ever eaten it says so. But you can't cook it in a restaurant. You have to have a certain kind of stove. Good fried chicken is all about how you apply your heat. Restaurant ovens and friars are too fancy to do it right. But good luck to you anyway.

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