1. I'm from Anthony Tx.
    I used to live this life style and it is foolish to fight over 3 letters and a neighborhood that ain't even yours, you ain't taking your hood to the penitentiary nor to the cemetary. Jesus Christ has a better life for you, He died and He rose so that you may have everlasting life.
    Make something better of yourselves, get an education, be a productive member of society, by the grace of God I had that opportunity, but some of my friends didn't, they are locked up and one of them dead, all for what?? drugs, money, to see who's varrio is the hardest?!
    wake up raza! it's time for change lil homies!
    Allow Jesus Christ in your life, take it from me, I guess you can consider me an OG and accepting Christ was the best decision of my life!
    I'm dropping the church address where I attend.
    Anthony Christian Life
    520 San Andres
    Anthony Nm.
    God bless you!

  2. Big bad norte xv putos there no fucken vL 18 fucken sur rats son bien jotos they all would of been in the streets but there not ive seen a couple of them and wat do they do put ur fucken heads down or run away. And u know wat just dont come out of ur house any el memo. Y raccon they r norte ridin xv

  3. sus letras no tienen sentido.cualquiera puede escribir tonterias,gravarlas y subirlas a you tube.ponganse a leer y estudiar y tal vez les de una colaboración con migo.tal vez.

  4. puro SUR 3CE VALS VARRIO ANTHONY LOKOTES fuk west side 18 su varrio no vale pa pura verga akada rato los puteamos fuk shybitch y el syko…ala verga kon mero pendejo muy chingones x eso tus homies le corren pa anthony o cruces y se asen d otea klika pinchis fakes..fuk meskite tambien ese varrio ya ni existe

  5. puro pinchi MEADOW TRECE pinchi peewees chavalas you think your real hard no come take a ride down to sunland ese we will show you whos the hardest barrio around putos

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