Bush Plane/Wilderness/Camping/Hot Springs……Epic 2 days in the Idaho Back Country

Bush Plane/Wilderness/Camping/Hot Springs......Epic 2 days in the Idaho Back Country

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I spent 2 days camping and flying with some new friends thru the Franck Church Wilderness of no return in the Idaho backcountry. We landed at Johnson Creek, Sulphur Creek, Indian Creek, Thomas Creek, Big Creek, The Flying B, and Lower Loon. Most of these strips are along the banks of the Middle fork Salmon river.

About my plane:

Kitfox Model 4 1200, Rotax 912 ULS 100hp engine. 26″ Alaska bush Wheels

The gear i use

Camera :
Action Cam:
Cockpit audio cable:

23 thoughts on “Bush Plane/Wilderness/Camping/Hot Springs……Epic 2 days in the Idaho Back Country”

  1. Quite the playground you live in…Nice job on this video. Thanks for not playing that electronica garbage too….The picking music suits this so much better.

  2. what a fantastic video
    so well done
    thanks for the tour…. so happy you were able to do this
    NOTHING like this exists here
    oh…. and… i know this is the physician in my talking: PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN…. i NEED to watch your videos for DECADES to come

  3. I did all that in 2008 & 2009. Mostly alone. I wish I would have had some flying buddies to go with. I wanted to make it up to Idaho, but didn't this year. There is something incredible about Idaho air. At least I made it to the Utah airstrips around Canyonlands NP this year. Love flying in Idaho and flying the Kitfox! Thanks for sharing.

  4. nice videos, subbed! Loved how you captured the scenery and the environment that you were in when not flying. Really makes it an immersive experience! KEEP IT UP!

  5. Wow, most excellent Video. I cant believe that you just started making these videos. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. I have a quick question.. flight time on these planes does it count as a regular flight experience… like a cessna 172 or are these planes a different category… What i mean is can i build my hours flying these planes??

  7. Another great video Scott, thanks. I've spent many a day on that strip. Johnson Creek is one of my favorites, only second to 3U1.

  8. I'm really enjoyed this video. I live in Oregon and dream of doing flying like this…just need to have the funds to make it happen. I can't fly in radio controlled airspace due to my hard of hearing but where you guys are…heck..that's my dream! Thanks for sharing the cool spots to check out…maybe one day I'll have my kitplane and follow your flightpath. Super excited to know some cool spots to enjoy.

  9. Nice place to add to my bucket list. Do you have to be invited to these places or are they "open" for fly ins? Great videos, keep up the work.

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