41 thoughts on “Bishop Charles Brown Disgracefully Resigns From Williams Temple COGIC”

  1. Wake up black people follow gods laws is how you show you love him . He does not dwell in temple build by man. Church is not a building let go of that slave mentality.Wake up read yourself god wants blacks to walk as one we are the choose people. His first thought come together

  2. In Pentecostal and Apostolic the Ministry fasts and prays for 1 week, and God gives the name of the new leader through each in ministry submitting on slips of paper ,who God said to each person after the Fast.

  3. One down several more hundreds to go let's clean up the churches people and stop these pimp pastors from stealing your money and living the life of the Rich and Famous

  4. alot of times it seems like people don't want the truth but rather preaching that tickles their ears. its a shame but says it will happen in the end times.

  5. I seen your LSU football videos you post and your cussing like a sailor and using lords name in vein, so who are you to go around judging other men?? You are a prime example of a hypocrite and a racist and reason why nobody goes to church anymore

  6. This is some Bill Cosby shit right here. These girls probably flirted with the pastor and enjoyed every moment of it. Now that they are grown, they are probably experiencing some type of financial hardship and figured they could muscle a few bucks from this man. I am so glad that the statute of limitations has expired. He might be out of a job but those greedy bitches didn't get any money.

  7. See that's the difference between a black church and a Catholic you're not going to stick around and disrespect the church black churches will vote you out

  8. Its amazing how people  think they are doing someone a service by removing a leader. Sometimes its not the leader. Sometimes its people that do not want to grow up and they only want someone that will accommodate that. They have no desire to grow up to the standard of the Word of God but, rather pull God's standard of righteousness down to  their level of thinking. There is a price for that.

  9. When your thoughts turn into action,I think it's only right for preacher to step down until GOD bring deliverance and the person has to want to be free of that sin strong hold. These days ministers loosing salt before the public is damaging to the unsaved to see and weak Christian's because they may give up on GOD because they don't put the blame where it should be,that part is messed up. Taking the time to take ones clothes off for sin is never a mistake be honest at least before the congregation about willful sin and how you want GOD to help you,it's not hard if you don't want to do wrong.

  10. This is sad and embarrassing for blacks. Yall can't even find yourselves in the bible when the bible is talking about YOU !!! Calling yourself African when 80% of yall cant even speak of your grandparents or ancestors trip over here. RESEARCH take some time and RESEARCH.

  11. Judgment will also come upon the rebellious who do not teach the truth to God's chosen people, but keep them in spiritual bond age thru teaching the traditions of men and outright lies….amen

  12. "THIS MESSAGE IS YEARS TOO LATE" If he had preached & taught the word of God , like in this video, during his tenure as pastor the church members would be mature enough to reject those negative voices he's speaking about be a solid pillar & ground of the truth.

  13. What your witnessing is the end time christan churches , the devil has penetrated his way into many of the christan church, corrupting pastor's selling out , The body of Christ fighting with each other, over who's next in line for power over the church , It's obvious MONEY and the devil has corrupted the church. what ever happened to the number one priority , saving soul's and worshipping GOD .

  14. Did he just (2015) plug his new church? Usually when this happens, they drop the "COGIC," and become "Christian Centers" and whatnot, they keep the title of "Bishop," and start new churches elsewhere raising up and ordaining young new ministers who'll then open storefronts replete with missionaries, musicians, choir members to become a part of the "new jurisdiction" under the fallen one. That's not to say he fell and can't get back up. But they make their rules as they go. COGIC is big business. A relationship with God is a personal thing. and since that is what I believe having left COGIC, my body is the temple. So this thang I have with Yah is between me, The Great I am.

  15. He who CONTROLS the manipulation of religious literature CONTROLS the minds of those who reads its . All religious literature manipulated by the Roman catholic church do your research people you are not Christians nor was Jesus according to the manipulation of the bible.

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