Amway MLM | Glen Woodfin Reaches Pearl Level in Network Marketing

Amway MLM | Glen Woodfin Reaches Pearl Level in Network Marketing

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Glen Woodfin earns Amway Pearl Pin at the New Orleans Marriott in 1994. Here are his thoughts on building his Amway multi-level marketing business to the Pearl level which means he had 3 separate legs reach the Direct Distributor level. Glen also qualified as a Ruby Direct Distributor earlier which means he personally maintained double Direct Distributor volume in PV.

Glen Woodfin qualified for the Q-12 trip that Amway Corporation sponsors a vacation for those that qualify as a Profit Sharing Direct Distributor for 12 months out of the year. The first year he qualified, they awarded him a trip to Las Vegas and had a bonus of $10,000 in his mailbox when he returned home. He joked saying it was a good thing they gave him the check after his trip to Vegas or it could have been dangerous to have that in your hands while walking through casinos.

They also provided during other years, two trips to Orlando, FL, one in San Diego, CA and another in Palm Springs, CA. He says Amway really treats you like royalty on those trips.

Glen wishes to thank Bubba and Sandy Pratt, his upline Diamond Direct Distributors from Gainesville, FL for believing in him and being lifelong friends.

Glen got started in mlm as a teenager at 16 years old with the Shaklee Corporation. He he had a swimming pool membership at a local hotel and had been exposed to bootleg copies of Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale from a high school pen pal named Gayla Davis. She went to a church led by Marvin Phillips who had recently made a life change after being exposed to “The Power of Positive Thinking”. He realized he had focused on negative aspects of changing lives yet his message lacked belief in people and his sermons were legalistic. With his new perspective on life, his Garnett Road Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma exploded with new attendees and possibilities.

Marvin Phillips started a library of cassette tapes at the church which he made available to attendees. When Glen went to a large convention that the church held every year, he drove to Oklahoma from Florida and upon arrival, Gayla shared the recordings with him.

Returning to Florida, Glen took his cassette player with him everwhere he went…even the hotel pool. Patty & Webb Colemant had just got back from a Shaklee convention and were sunning themselves by the same pool where Glen was listening to Zig Ziglar. They reached out to him to tell him about the Shaklee mlm opportunity and Glen got in a couple of days later.

Glen was amazed to see that the Shaklee Coordinators were running a comlete store out of their home. “It smelled so good compared to the grocery store isles,” says Glen.

Glen lacked confidence and only felt comfortable talking to other teenagers. So, he only sponsored his next door neighbor, Lamar Burnham. Eventually, Glen got off track, but through this experience, he learned that it was possible to start from nothing and run a lucrative business right from one’s home. This created a burn that he too one day would be able to be your own boss and work from home.

Years later, Glen was selling cable services door to door and thought to himself, would be just as easy to do this for himself in the Shaklee business once again. He tried to find Patty and Webb, but someone told him, they had moved. Glen Woodfin looked in the phone book for a Shaklee representative and found a down to earth couple that ran a similar operation out of their home. Glen called them at 10 pm that night which was past their bedtime. Upon answering the phone so late, Glen said he wanted to get in again and could they sign him up immediately. A couple of months later, Glen reach the Supervisor level and was making about $1000 a month on the side, but once again, Glen faded not knowing how to grow his business consistently by design.

Glen was exposed to Amway while selling cars at a Honda dealership. A fellow salesman shared Amway tapes with him and after a week, he was ready to get started.

Wooodfin became a fulltime Amway distributor for 10 years reaching Direct Distributor, PSDD, Ruby and Pearl. He says the biggest benefit was that Amway was the ultimate training ground to build confidence and public speaking.

Glen Woodfin’s 24 hour voicemail is: 206-202-8023 or you can email him at:

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