“Rivers of Delight” – David von Kampen

"Rivers of Delight" - David von Kampen

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I will bless the Lord, and praise Him evermore, in His name my trust shall be;
I will sing His Praise and triumph in His grace, for His righteousness avails for me.
With His own right hand He leadeth me, and the way grows bright as I go;
For with Him I walk by rivers of delight, where the living waters gently flow.
I will bless the Lord, whose tender loving care has been with me all my days;
He has filled my life with mercies ever new, and merciful are all His ways.
I will bless the Lord, my Shelter and Defense.
I will trust and fear no ill; Though I walk alone the valley and the shade,
His rod and staff shall comfort still.
First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska, June 24, 2018.
David von Kampen, composer and pianist. Based on text by Fanny Crosby.

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