Hustle & Flow (2/9) Movie CLIP – Spiritual Experience (2005) HD

Hustle & Flow (2/9) Movie CLIP - Spiritual Experience (2005) HD

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Hustle & Flow movie clips:

DJay (Terrence Howard) and Nola (Taryn Manning) are moved to tears while listening to a choir singer (Jennifer Bynum Green).

One man’s struggle to rise above his circumstances prompts him to try a career in music in this acclaimed drama from writer and director Craig Brewer. Djay (Terrence Howard) is a low-level pimp and drug dealer who scraped together a living in the ghettos of Memphis, TN. Djay isn’t happy with his life, and the realization that he’s reached the same age when his father unexpectedly died has made him start thinking about changing his ways. Djay has always had a gift for spinning stories, and after picking up a cheap keyboard, he begins picking out beats to go along with his rhymes. After bumping into an old high-school buddy who works in gospel music, Key (Anthony Anderson), Djay decided to take the plunge and remake himself as a rapper. With the technical know-how of Key and the musical input of a local beat maker named Shelby (DJ Qualls), Djay begins turning his way with words and his first-hand knowledge of the street life into music, as his two live-in girlfriends, Lexus (Paula Jai Parker) and Shug (Taraji P. Henson), add their musical input and emotional support and Nola (Taryn Manning) continues to turn tricks to pay the bills. When local boy-turned-nationwide hip-hop star Skinny Black (Ludacris) comes to town to pay a visit to Arnel (Isaac Hayes), a club owner friendly with Djay, he sees an opportunity to put his demo in the hands of someone who can bring his music to the masses, though it turns out to be far more difficult than he expected. Hustle & Flow had its world premiere at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, where it received a number of rave reviews and took home the Audience Award.

TM & © Paramount (2005)
Cast: Anthony Anderson, Kelvin Birrus, Tiran D. Boyland, Terrence Brown, Terrence Howard, Brandon Seiferth, H. Renee Cogar, Jennifer Bynum Green, Deborah Manning Thomas, Taryn Manning
Director: Craig Brewer
Producers: Stephanie Allain, Preston L. Holmes, John Singleton, Dwight Williams
Screenwriter: Craig Brewer

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44 thoughts on “Hustle & Flow (2/9) Movie CLIP – Spiritual Experience (2005) HD”

  1. Wow is it strange my favorite scenes of this incredible movie is this and when they developing Whop that Trick when DJ met Shelby was funny as hell
    Na he's light skinned


  2. "Jesus told me, That the world would be against me." Very chilling but true line.. You would have to be very brave and have incredible faith. these are the most scariest times in our life, but he already told us

  3. It's not the words of this song, but the voice of the gift that's singing it that makes it so powerful. When I heard her voice I was no longer watching a movie, I was totally disconnected from the movie it had zero meaning to me at that moment. Her voice spoke to my soul.

  4. The poetic thing is; when Jesus changed someone's name, the life of that person isn't the same anymore. Much like those 2, they wanted to (be) change so bad…

  5. in the midst of all Hollywood's evil, this shining moment is amazing and so totally unexpected I'll never forget it

  6. John Singleton's Productions have a way of dropping knowledge and game when at first glance small minded individuals dismiss as just another "hood" film. Baby Boy was a very deep film. It went over most people's head though unfortunately. DeeJay in the film showed the evolution of a man, while skinny black revealed himself as one who got over but failed to evolve and so his character is declining and falling while DeeJay takes his street credit and his career away. But he used his gift of gab, the only tool a true pimp has to survive in life, and made lemons out of lemonade. The point at which DeeJay begins to transform is when he throws out the one money make in his stable who tempted him with asking for a natural pimp hand, But DeeJay abstains and ejects her from his life. The moral dilemma was throwing a child on the street, But like Abraham in The Old Testament, he went in on faith that the child would be ok. Awesome film, I don't give a damn about an Oscar, a good film is a good film.

  7. It doesn't have the same impact on you alone without the buildup of the movie and their condition at that point, but still one hair raising scene ! check out the movie, it's one of the greats !

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