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  1. Wow, this is the worst. Outdated arena rock theatrics that were abandoned in the 80s, plus a bad drummer soloing.. I think I just threw up a little.

  2. "Full of sound and fury signifying nothing." Every second that goes by in the modern world, the christ myth team looks more ignorant than the second before…thus…Rock show to appeal the MOST ignorant. The drumming is strictly pedestrian. Wake up America….YESTERDAY!!

  3. I have gone 3 times and they always give all the glory for every talent they have to the Lord Jesus Christ. They worship the Lord with what gifts they have been given. They make it clear it is to the Lord and for the Lord always!!!!!!
    Many thousands give there heart to the Lord every year seeing folks worship with all they have, They give an offering to the Lord their whole hearts and beings.

  4. do you worship a mountain because you think its beautiful? why can't a person show off his God given talent to bring glory to God?

  5. I am not judging any one person. Just know from experience that Bayside is a little short in the scriptural department. Their bullet line sermons. And after going to the church for a year several years back I never herd one sermon on sin or repentance or any instruction on living a Godly Holy Life. They are like rick warren and Joel Olstein. Feel good sermons.

  6. Before you are so quick to judge, this guy lost his mom in a car accident and he and his father continue to do worship for the church. They are both extremely involved in the church and live for God. Make a joyful noise unto the lord… I believe he is doing just that.

  7. My impression: Plays sports or watch it on TV = worshiping man. Furthermore, anyone who listens to music is worshiping man. Anyone who eats food & enjoys it is worshiping man…self worship if you cooked it, and worship of others if its from a restaurant. Furthermore, if you enjoy relaxing in your living room, you worship furniture. If you love your pets, you worship animals. If you breathe you worship the air. I worship God. In many of the beautiful forms he expresses himself. Rock on, Lincoln

  8. I was at this Christmas service and it was not blasphemy like people are saying. God says give me all that you are, so who is to say that this is not worship through music. You guys make it seem like the whole service was a drum solo, far from it. Bayside loves Jesus and had many soft times of worship with the lord as well. This year the silhouette's are coming to bayside. Is that blasphemy as well?

  9. God does speak clearly–some are not listening because they have already decided to follow what peoples' flesh desires. If Lincoln Brewsky brought in a golden calf it would not have been out of place that day.

  10. THE SAME JESUS WHO SAID "JUDGE NOT" ALSO SAID "YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS". WHEN TOO MANY PEOPLE FEEL FUNNY ABOUT A WORLDLY CHURCH SERVICE WHERE THE BABY JESUS WAS ABSENT AND REPLACED BY WHAT LOOKS LIKE FLESH AND PRIDE WORSHIP, THERE IS A REASON. (bad fruit) Just like a religion that says you should be beheaded if you don't follow Mohammed ….can't be a religion of peace. We must follow truth and love– not the crowd. Popularity does not equal truth—never has.

  11. I've met this guy and he said he never felt closer to GOD then when he got to fully express his talent before his church in a manor of worship to GOD by using his drums. God forbid a musician and a lighting guy worship God with their talents. Where do you guys get off judging the hearts of men and there hearts of worship. If it's not worship to you that doesn't mean it isn't worship to him.

  12. @VoiceOfTruth365 I've met this guy and he said he never felt closer to GOD then when he got to fully express his talent before his church in a manor of worship to God by using his drums. God forbid a musician and a lighting guy worship God with their talents.

  13. I agree, this is sad. This is not praise or worship of the one and only Savior, Jesus but worship of man. I love lincoln and he has greatly inspired me to be a better worship leader but this isn't worship.

  14. @califbozo I understand your concern, there won't be a spinning drum set next year. Please understand that Bayside has tried to use it's Christmas eve services as an outreach to the community and a night to bring people into the church. If you would like a calmer service, please consider coming to one of Bayside's weekend services before Christmas eve. They will still have a Christmas message and worship, just not as wild.

  15. @califbozo I understand Bayside has upset many people with last years christmas eve services, However it has touched many peoples lives. I'm unsure of what services bring in the near future, but I can guaruntee there won't be a spinning drum set this year.

  16. @califbozo Yo no estuve allĂ­, pero he recomendado este video a los jovenes baterias de mi iglesia para que se esfuerzen en ser virtuosos y hacer las cosas con excelencia para Dios. La excelencia alaba y honra a Dios!!

  17. Anything for a big crowd which equals big offerings. My friends and I were at this mother-of-all-babylon X-mas celebrations. We came to worship the baby Jesus but he was kidnapped and replaced with worldly hysteria and glory to man and his special effects.

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