The Israelites: My Job Makes Me Dress Like A Man

The Israelites: My Job Makes Me Dress Like A Man

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24 thoughts on “The Israelites: My Job Makes Me Dress Like A Man”

  1. I really need to wear my fringes on all my dresses I only have one dress with my fringes I don’t want to be put to death especially knowing who I am

  2. SO SO Glad to hear this brother teach EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I've been searching for this answer ever since I came into the truth. I work in a residential unit where we are trained to perform physical restraints on the youth clients. I couldn't possibly wear a skirt or a dress according to the nature of this work. This brother described PERFECTLY how sisters shouldn't be out here "Tackling" people lol. It is time for a new kind of work!!! Wearing my skirt/dress to work, change in the bathroom and actively searching for new employment with the strength and guidance of TMH! All praises to THE MOST HIGH for edification! HalleluYAH!!!

  3. OMG This teaching here was so good that it scared the H outta me. This kind of teaching should cause anyone to make haste to keep the commandments. All praises for bringing out God’s word prophets. I must share this ASAP

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