6 thoughts on “Testimony & Christian Response”

  1. Christopher you can be who you are because God loves you and accepts you as you are, being gay is not about living a sexually promiscuous life, there are many straight men who live a promiscuous life too. In fact, there are many gay men who live in committed loving relationship. Your testimony is amazing, but to sort of prescribe one story fits all gay people is not.  Gay christians can have the same fruits of the holy spirit just like straight christians.

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  2. Christopher's testimony is an amazing and profound example of God's work.  He does indeed  have a plan, but when we go our own way, we suffer.  God, Who is rich in mercy, gave this family new life. What a wonderful God we serve!

  3. You do no service to god by intemating that to be gay means to have drugs and anonomous sex. That is not so though it is a common steriotype

  4. He (Christopher) presents this so clearly and sensibly, that is, what is clearly the path to redemption for LGBT individuals and all of us sinners.

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