Simply, Humbly, Gently: Saint Porphyrios and the Way of Love

Simply, Humbly, Gently: Saint Porphyrios and the Way of Love

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An illustrated talk on Saint Porphyrios of Mount Athos who was canonized a saint in 2013 and is the author of the beloved book “Wounded by Love.” The presentation is given by Deacon Michael Tishel, a lecturer at Hellenic College and Director of the CroosRoad Summer Institute. The presentation took place at Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

30 thoughts on “Simply, Humbly, Gently: Saint Porphyrios and the Way of Love”

  1. The monks I have encountered who knew St Porphyrios convey his love and the depth of his heart. Thank you for sharing this video.

  2. I went to His Monastery last Sunday & visited His Room, the tears that I shed from the moment I stepped in until I left…I felt His presence everywhere. I also bought the book wounded by love. Thank God for allowing me to visit…That day I felt I was in Heaven.

  3. My priest just gave me Wonded by Love today. Prior to today I'd never heard of him. Praise God now and forever and unto ages of all ages…

  4. Great talk and very inspirational about Saint Porphyrios and his wisdom.Please give another talk referencing many of this great Saint's wisdom from the book"Wounded by Love."  Thanks for giving this talk and posting it.Great job and helpful for Christians!

  5. Thank you from Spain, Ted, for share with us Saint Porphyrios experience in his path towards God (simply, humbly and gently).

  6. Thank you! I'm listening it from Spain. I discovered the Saint Porphirios since 2011 when my father passed away and I found in his room a book of the Saint. I was fascinated of his love. Now, I have a small icon with him. ☦

  7. Thanks for sharing this Ted. This guy Deacon Michael Tishel is very good, I would like to see more of him. Keep it up ! Your videos always give me great insight and inspiration ✨

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