People & Power – Orthodox corruption?

People & Power - Orthodox corruption?

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Less than three decades ago, it would have been unthinkable for a Russian premier to have exchanged public expressions of solidarity and goodwill with the head of the country’s Orthodox Church. For years under communism the institution had been suppressed, its priests harassed by the authorities, its churches closed or given over to communal secular pursuits, its devotees scorned for their ‘superstitious’ adherence to doctrines that the state and the party regarded with deep suspicion.

28 thoughts on “People & Power – Orthodox corruption?”

  1. now islamic animals are talking about Orthodoxy:)))it's insenity…..everybody atacks the only normal Christians(orthodox) that are left on planet!!

  2. Corruption is everywhere. It is like low hanging fruit, easy to find if you look. One religion pointing to another one making accusations of corruption is really silly since ALL of them contain corruption as do governments and institutions. Corruption is prolific.

  3. Putin wants to make Russia a Christian kingdom and the religion has always been a powerful tool to control the black anguished masses.

  4. wow u must be so educated to use as much profanity in ur speech!
    anyways, aside from your manner-less stupidity.
    before the Turkish Ottomans ruled Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire, which was Orthodox, ruled the city, and had Hagia Sophia as their main church! after they left Constantinople their Orthodox church moved to Moscow…thats why Russia ought the Ottomans in WWI…to regain the very strategic city, Zionism has everything to do with why Russia entered WWI, go study the real history

  5. yes, they went around naked and I think masturbated in public or some other shit. And I am sorry, but if your egos are so so fragile that you give people years of hard labor for that, well too bad for you.

    It explains why the USSR reacted so badly to the church. Given their complicity in Tsarist abuses and their snuggling up to modern Russian state, yeah….

  6. Do you really know the whole story about them or just the dance? They did a lot of things a civilized society can not accept

  7. Orthodox Russia has been betrayed by Western Europeans for decades, since the pre-WWI days till now. Britain and France promised Constantinople back to Orthodox Russia once the Ottomans are gone, then Western Europe created the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 to bring a new regime in Russia (USSR) that serves the plan of Zionists. And now again Russia got screwed in Iraq, and Lybia. If Russia wants to not be taken for a ride again by Western Europe it needs to get back to it's Orthodox roots!

  8. He is saying that the corruption behind these restorations/constructions is tainting the whole idea. The end do not justify the means. I would love to see old churches, mosques any old historical building be restored, but not through the use of corruption. It helps no one, and leaves a sour taste, since almost every time corruption is involved, the quality of the work suffers too. Greedy people are greedy till the end.

  9. Problem is it's not JUST the russian orthodox, it's the entire orthodox denomination. To have church after church built on public spaces (children playground in my town, for example), and on public money when those funds could be used on practical issues, is insane. The church isn't doing what it was supposed to do anymore, it's become a business, with dubious business practices, and the few priests that actually do this as a calling are being shuffled aside and ignored.

  10. No. What I meant is that crazy women who are attention whores for the western press and media aren't positive Orthodox role models. It's more than children and kitchen. it's about attitude.

  11. And before that Russia was pagan. So by your argument Russia should adopt pagan rituals. Perhaps it has – Orthodox Paganism.

  12. No, I'd like for you to show me why the money is useful in Russia. The churches they have fit the needs of the people already in Moscow.

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