Orthodox Sermon – Purpose of Life: Communion with God

Orthodox Sermon - Purpose of Life: Communion with God

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Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church
Baltimore, MD – May 27, 2012
Priest John Vass
7th Sunday after Pascha – After Feast of the Ascension

12 thoughts on “Orthodox Sermon – Purpose of Life: Communion with God”

  1. May God the Holy Spirt bring spiritual insight and new depths to this priest of Christ the High Priest. This was very insightful and nourishing,with plently of scope for further reading,prayer and research ☦️

  2. Sunday is not the 7th day. Sunday is the first day, the Day of Resurrection, the Day of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It is on the Day of the Resurrection, that the fullness of truth and reality was revealed to us by the Light of Christ.

  3. please help me understand. I am a 7th day Sabbath keeper and i know for a fact the 7th day is Saturday and understand the roman catholic church has changed that day from Saturday to sunday. if a commandment is to remember the Sabbath day, why do ppl say sunday is 7th day?

  4. I'm a brazilian lutheran, and It was the first time I heard a orthodox's sermon and I Liked it.

    I got interested in orthodoxy through the book "The Way of a Pilgrim". This book uplifted me so much.

  5. I'm Non-Denominational, Meaning I'm Protestant, But I C Some Parallels Between This Teaching And Protestant Belief.   The Parallels, What u Call Communion we Call Fellowship W God.  Yes, u Need That Fellowship W God.  For me, It's In my Study.  God's Given us Sixty-Six Books To Know His Will.  Studying Them, This Is How we Draw Near To God.  Sure, we Can Talk W Him, That's Fine.  Nothing wrong w That at all.  I my Experience, I Had A Major Turn Around About Four Years Ago, And I Found That I'd Talked W God, but there wasn't Any Studying, And I Needed That, Because God Wants To Show us What He Has To Say So we Can Tell the rest of the world they Need A Savior.

  6. I don't know if bringing back our human nature's the way to explain It, But He Gave us The Chance To Be Brought Back To Him Again

  7. Brothers in Christ, If somebody could help me with this question. When God made Adam & Eve and they sinned, at that point did literal human physical death enter into the world? Or was it Spiritual death? If it was physical death, how do we reconcile this with the science of human evolution( which I am unconvinced to either side). Thank you!

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