I Don’t Want Illegals in My Country! “You Don’t Own S***!”

I Don't Want Illegals in My Country! "You Don't Own S***!"

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(Same Mexican Caller? Part 2) FLASHBACK: Caller “Joseph from Albuquerque, NM,” is concerned about the water more than the wall — he says if we build the big beautiful wall, then we might not have access to the Rio Grande. He thinks Jesse’s rude, even though he laughs that Jesse said the illegals drank all the water. “Joseph” claims he voted for Trump, but the way Jesse talks about Mexicans makes him doubt he should support him. He’s not for the wall. He says Jesse doesn’t own “sh*t,” and says Jesse’s roots are Africa. He won’t answer whether he’s Mexican or Hispanic. Jesse points out “Joseph” is a snake in the grass, and “Joseph” goes off. Jesse hangs up on him to get to other callers.

NOTE: “Joseph of Albuquerque, NM” (May 18), sounds a lot like previous caller “David from New Mexico” (Apr 30-May 1), and like future caller “Lawrence of Denver, CO (Jul 16, Hour 3, segments 2-3). Was he using fake names & changing them, lying and saying he was a first-time caller?

Previous call: “You’re Very Whitewashed, Sir!” Mexican-American Hates “White Jesus”!

Originally aired Friday, May 18, Hour 3, segment 2-4


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46 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Illegals in My Country! “You Don’t Own S***!””

  1. I don't get a lot of things but it says in the bible GOD has a wall so what does people say GOD Is wrong when people say the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ALSO NEED AND DESERVE A WALL? PEople need to help the people in the united states of America before they help people from other countries period. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  2. It's good to see mentally challenged people like JLP doing something with their lives! But he does need speech therapy cause he sounds like he has Trump's dick in his mouth when he speaks! Please someone tell me if I am wrong.

  3. White people are so racist. They only listen to this sellout coon because he is paid to talk bad about minorities. He is a traitor to his race just like Trump and his followers are traitors to Amerikkka. Facts

  4. Jesus also said Render unto Caeser what is Caesers and what is God's , God's. Also in the New Testament the Lord said obey the Law of the Land and Country also the Lord allowed every country and nation and government to exist we are to listen to the Lord and His Laws which are good. Now if the Law like our's requires us to uphold the Constitution we have too against threats foreign and Domestic but if you let evil fester and win and become corrupt of course then that govt is bad do what is right all the time though

  5. He’s masquerading the water issue for not building the wall. Lousy attempt at an excuse…
    PS Does Joseph have ADD? He’s all over the place.

  6. This caller…what a fucking toolbag. We have every right, and obligation to get illegals out of our country. They are sucking the teet dry.

  7. "Water is life. Water is life. Water is life. I'm offended."
    What a butt winkle. He skirted every logical question Jesse asked him.

  8. I think we should follow Mexicos lead. Do what they do with illegal immigrants and build whatever kind of barrier they use on their southern border.

  9. dont forget. a wall can hold people in as well as keep people out. think about this carefully. if illuminati takes over we wont be able to get out. a wall works both ways.

  10. Joseph is a Latino and he his not being Truthful, he's for Open Boarders, so all his Family and Friends don't Have to Sneak in! the Water is a Front so he won't have to tell the Truth!

  11. Yup,gonna build a big wall,cost millions and take no consideration for the water issue(what an idiot)and no,God/Christ never broke the law

  12. Both were born in the USA but since Jesse is black he’s African “heritage” and needs to go back to Africa lol

    This caller has NO CLUE LOL

  13. If the black community knew that this land was partly their land in the past. And they were told the lie that every black person came from Africa. When in actuality many of the so called extinct tribes are descendants of the Kemet. They came here in ancient times and had farms for the Egyptian and Nubian kings that were taken over. Some kings even came here and stayed. If you think your inheritance is only from Africa you are mistaken. A well known secret in Indigenous tribes. So how do you feel about the land now?

  14. C'mon Jesse, I was expecting more from you. Was it so hard to remember that water doesn't come in in the tanks but through the underground pipes which would go under the wall. So what's the problem ??

  15. This guy is a democrat so he's going to be against anything Pres. Trump. He's a far gone liberal WHO DOES NOT LOVE GOD!!!

  16. Brother Jesse, all the illegals are taking over California. They r drinking all the water!!! Little soy boy wants to argue everything.

  17. Wow, this caller is completely insane and off his rocker with his warped hateful views. He gets louder and louder and nasty like a true liberal drone.

  18. god this people or more dum then ever befor . is not becors him or me hate oder races is becors thay fuck up or land and we are to many people here we dont hav rum for more people to come rape or yyung girls

  19. The guys said earlier when Jesse asked if he would want the wall of the water wasn’t an issue and he said not really. Idiot

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