Gender Non-Binary Person “Got The Butterflies” From A Simple Work Document.

Gender Non-Binary Person “Got The Butterflies” From A Simple Work Document.

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Who knew being asked for a pen or seeing your name in a work document could be so empowering? For Jae, seeing their name a certain way reflected their true gender identity.

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20 thoughts on “Gender Non-Binary Person “Got The Butterflies” From A Simple Work Document.”

  1. Is not he limiting the number of guys who woild want to date him,false nails are a real turn off.When someone wants to be called a "gender neutral" name,its one step before a law suit

  2. I don't like the idea of "transgender without transitioning". Specifically in his situation he is a guy that likes traditionaly femine things, I don't think that needs a special title.

  3. I wish someone would help me understand all of this. It seems to me that these people are hyper-focused on feeling "validated" in some way. I just dont know why people cant dress how they want and tell people their name without thinking that it matters. The man asked for pen. Why would that be validating anything? why would being called a name make or break who you are?

  4. Being so early on in my blossoming definition of who I am as trans and non-binary made this video really emotional and impactful. It makes me want to be more conscious in looking for and celebrating even the smallest victories. It makes me feel okay in who I am, and that who I am is someone worth being.

  5. Can everyone in the comments so called this person 'they'. He is a man, stop this cringefest please. He can identify as whatever and wear what ever he wants but denying someone's gender is just plain stupid. Stop being so politically correct

  6. As I'm watching this, my very best friend, who happens to be cis-het and doesn't understand lgbt stuff all that well, referred to me with they/them pronouns.
    Butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes, something so simple as pronouns always makes me so happy.

  7. Hmm…… We used to call that look, "Slam Drag". But, I still don't get why you would not consider yourself a male. I am assuming that you still have your set of balls, and if so you are still a man regardless of the fantasy make up you like adorn yourself with. IE: A Rose by any other name is still a Rose. Can you explain what "Non-Binary" means? No, not your interpretation of what you want to be called, but what Non-Binary really actually means ?

  8. What a beautiful story! I love how it's the small things that can make you re-think everything. Bravo Jae for exploring this part of yourself and being open to not conforming to binary labels.

  9. Nobody notices or cares if a woman dresses or acts more "manly".
    So there is no point to tell people that I'm genderqueer. I just don't wear make up or heels or skirts. I have a dark voice – so what. And that's how it should be for men too. Just do what feels right for you..
    And my first name is m/f.

  10. Another great story! I think names are something cis people like me take for granted, even though they're so important. I'm really happy for Jae and I might even show this to my mum to help explain nonbinary people to her since she doesn't really understand them yet.

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