Fort Valley 1st Amendment Audit; Part 3: Fail

Fort Valley 1st Amendment Audit; Part 3: Fail

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This video is the Arrest at the City Hall. There will be a Part 4..

Fort Valley PD
200 W Church St, Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: (478) 825-3383

Peach County District Attorney
205 W Church St # 201, Fort Valley, GA 31030
Phone: (478) 825-8454

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49 thoughts on “Fort Valley 1st Amendment Audit; Part 3: Fail”

  1. The officers statements in this video and upcoming video are:
    You can not take pictures in a public place without permission.
    There is no crime.
    I'm under arrest for not having a driver licence on me ( while not driving)
    I'm under arrest for taking pictures without permission.
    I'm under arrest for Criminal Trespass.
    I'm under arrest for hindering an investigation.
    I'm under arrest for not providing my information when asked.
    That they have to charge me if I'm in the booking room even if they are wrong to protect the department and the city's interest. ( Heard in the Live feed)
    I asked if I gave you my information would you still allowed me to continue to shoot pictures and I was told no. So my rights would still have been violated even with ID.
    Officer stated he wanted my ID to see if I had any warrants on me.

    Officers state that it's public property, that you can go in the lobby anytime I want, that they do not know any law that says you can not take pictures in a public place, that I was observed down town taking pictures prior to coming to City Hall, that the officer can articulate that I am here under bad intentions but when asked how does he determine that (so I can try to dispel any concerns) he ask me what I am doing here which I explain again that I am taking pictures. At no point did I understand what the concern was other than taking pictures, and because taking pictures in a public place is a 1st amendment protected right, I did not understand why the officers acted in such away to deprive me of my right to photo, record and do a public service announcement in a public place that is open to the public and there during normal business hours.

    I told the officers that I would give him any information he asked for as long as he could tell me what Crime I was being accused of. The Only thing statement he made I was taking pictures in a public lobby without permission, which is protected 1st amendment activity which isn't just cause for a detainment in it's self. I did explain to the officers exactly what I was doing to try to dispel any cause of alarm or concerns. The arresting officer seemed to be hung up on permission was needed by either the Mayor or the City Admin who is an attorney that ran to be a Local Judge in Peach County GA. According to the Police Report and officers statements, Mrs. Vinson ( The City Admin), the Mayor ( Barbara Williams) and City Council of Fort Valley , do not believe you have the right to take pictures, record or exercise your 1st amendment right and address you grievances with your government as I was Criminal Trespassed from the City Hall and the Police Department.

    I believe this encounter and their actions are a violation of my 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendment rights as I am now denied access to the government for nothing other than exercising my 1st amendment right, trespassed from two government buildings without due process or criminal activity ( the PD trespass, there was no alleged crime that took place there), asked for council but was never provided that request and continued to be questioned and threaten with being sent to jail until gave my information. I did say that I would like to be advised of my rights and never was. I was deprived of my right to freely travel as well. There are other issues and other laws that may have been broken that are not listed here in this statement as well as other rights violations. I did ask the officer several times, while in the City Hall, if this was a public lobby because I wanted to verify I was in the right area to conduct my 1st amendment right. The arresting officer confirms I am but denies me the right to exercise that right.

    No damages were caused, No threats were made, No disorderly conduct took place as the location nor was disorderly conduct ever mention until the Chief comes up with the charge later. From the events that took place and what was said in the booking room, this was after the Chief talked to the DA's office. The arresting officer was confused about the new charge of disorderly and what was going on and he later ask the Supervising Lt what is going on. The Supervising LT replies I'll tell you later.


  3. Now I'm gonna use "this day in age" bull shit, cause in this day an age I'm shocked these dick heads have never heard of audits and still believe you can't record lol

  4. READ THIS – Then go to ACLU: They can't arrest you for trespassing unless they first trespassed you from the property & gave you a chance to leave. That's the law. Also, they can't trespass you for simply excercising a federally & constitutionally protected activity. The mere act of excercising freedom of the press is not a suspicious behavior. Also, you should check the laws in that state regarding IDing someone. In California, the law clearly states that you must have an articulable crime that you suspect the person of violating, and without which you can not ID or detain. It can't just be a mere hunch of a suspicion nor of some general category of "something criminal". It must be a certain crime of which the person has articulable facts that describe why you are suspected of it. The mere act of photographing things interesting to you, can NOT be considered suspicious behavior. In fact that was detailed in a federal memo. You need to get the Federal memo that states it. You need to take this to the ACLU. Similar cases have been taken to them and resulted in legal cases filed and fought by them for the victim and resulting in damages paid to the victim. In fact there was a famous case wherein a California woman in Barstow was accused of illegal behavior by another woman in a school parking lot. When they spoke to the woman, she refused ID & they arrested her. Yet another in a bar in Barstow with same result. These cases were fought & won by the ACLU, with damages paid to the victims.

  5. Police and our federal government are an enemy of the people, their goal kidnap, injure and kill citizens. All you have to do is look at the police in this goofy town for proof, they want to keep secrets and destroy freedom.

  6. This is how (bad) police handle situations that they don’t understand or when they feel like they are losing “control” of a situation – they arrest someone, regardless of the legality of the arrest. These idiots manufactured “charges” to punish this photographer for engaging in a legal activity they didn’t like – taking video of “their” police station. I would give good odds that none of these officers have an IQ above 90. THIS is why the Constitution exists and why law enforcement officers can be sued for abuses under the “color of law”. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sue these assholes,

  7. are you all really that surprise   Its Georgia> they drive cars from the
    21st Century but they think 1971…plus 866-314-0429 is the number to Jenny
    Craig in the Fort Collins area.

  8. These grown ass men are dumb dumb and dumber ,,,, where do they come from ??? gezzzzzzzzz!!!! embarrassing ,,,,,, you must have your id on ya at all times,,,, wa rule law is that >>??? sicko !!!!

  9. I am amazed how these morons bring up their physical ailments when they are being arrested. Another camera bully will scream at an officer and create a scene until the police arrest him and then he starts screaming about his mental challenges. All he had to do is give his name out of respect. Professional Auditors gladly give their names.

  10. dam that dude is "ohhh helllllll nooooo"!!!!! I guess no weight restrictions in this department!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And black men violating civil rights What hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shame on you!
    How are our police supposed to keep arresting people who have not been reasonably suspected of a crime if you keep going around using your constitutional rights to record them and put it on YouTube for everyone to see??!!! :))

  12. I have watched dozens of these audits, my concerns are the physical abilities of over 90% of the officers that are currently serving the community!! They are all fat and obviously not in shape , are they not annual physical test required to be passed, in order to maintain their position of undue power!! If not, dont you think there should be?

  13. Fuck these cops believing they can just make shit up. And that young cop thinks he can make shit up. Hey fuck boy slave to the government. Enjoy being exposed. Your character shows you’re nothing a more than a liar and shame to your community. Lawsuit!!!! Let me know. Just give me a cut of the reward

  14. We just a bunch of dumb ass cops that don’t know no better cus we never got passed the 6th grade
    Hope you sue the bunch of the and strip them down to their underwear

  15. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE how little this RANKING OFFICER and his subordinates know about basic law… They are so adamant that they know the law.. How long have they been cops…??? They usually get their way or beat and bully people… If you had not had a camera on them… That is exactly what would have happened ….

  16. A camera and some minority cops on power trips. This shows that stupid police come in all sizes shapes and colors. Be strong my Constitutional brother. Ignorance is ignorance. Be good.

  17. Please sue them!!!!!!!!! You will win this is complete and utter bull shit and at this point I am ashamed to be the same rave as these idiots

  18. I hope nobody takes offense to this. I am so freaking sick and tired of black officers or black people in general acting like this. No matter what you do you are still black. They have a slave mentality I'm gonna say it. No matter what you do master will NEVER except you into the fold. This is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This law suit is so easy to collect on I could belch out a motion and win….Yea these 3 black terd brains are as stupid as they are black!! Disgustingly stupid….An insult to all who wear badges

  20. Why do most cops black white white black don’t uphold the Amendments and Laws? These cops are dumb Def and blind. I thought Justice is blind. I guess cops are going above and beyond. Most folks just see 40 to 50 K a year and sign up to be a cop do a physical then get into be a cop. Zero passion for being a cop.

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