Derek Carr @ Upper Room

Derek Carr @ Upper Room

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Derek Carr came to Upper Room last Sunday! This was his second time here in Upper Room, and here he talked about the holy spirit. Amazing message by him! Stay tuned for more videos every week, and check out our podcasts at:

We are a young adult ministry that gathers every Sunday night.

Regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve done, God’s grace is for you! Our goal in Upper Room is for you to experience God in a deep and genuine way. It doesn’t matter where you are from or the life you’ve lived – you’re here now, and God has a purpose and plan for your life.

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18 thoughts on “Derek Carr @ Upper Room”

  1. God's name is Jesus and in his name we shell pray and Jaway is a word meaning God in ancient Hebrew… Anyways Go Raiders!

  2. God bless you. It is a very encouraging thing to hear a professional athlete profess their love of God It is a rarity these days to see that. Im so glad i came upon this channel because I plan to show my children because they really look up to you guys. It is a great thing your doing on behalf of God. I promise you it will make a difference in peoples lives to get them to open their eyes to the word of God and all his Glory.

  3. At 11:57 Carr says "there are people all over the world that follow other religions", and he sneaks in the devil horns sign. CIA and FBI officials are now part of the NFL security team, and we know they push the Satanic agenda with esoteric symbolism for their central banking masters. The NFL is infiltrated by the illuminati. Which explains why they religously attacked Tebow for being a christian.

  4. Im so proud of derek carr i dont even know him but just by hearing and whatching his testimony.and that hes a very good coterback and the raiders coterback awesome. He is on fire for the lord just like anyone who has being changed by the Holy spirit of God i thank God for blessing us with him i pray that The lord continues to use him just as he is and that he could be a light to shine i the world of all professional athletes and in that industry and for the whole world..and may God use all of us believers to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus christ to all those around that if its Gods will they may become true believers and become born again saved and that a transformation can take place in their lives and that they would know its the power of the creator of the heavens and the earth YAHWEY our God and Father who has opend their eyes to see what they were blinded from seing Gods word which is sharper than any two edged sword..and that they will know they are not the same anymore because G O D IS IN THEM Jesus name i pray. And may the Lord continue blessing derek carr and his whole family and may the father make his face to shine upon us all as dear children that we are…OH BLESS God and our Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior..AMEN!

  5. As you can see im a raider fan.that was my team b3cause i was born and raised in los Angeles of Huntingtonpark cali back then i thought i new about jesus God and the holy spirit cause i was raised Catholic and the saints and virgen mary.. And i was a trouble maker started doing drugs and watching porn drinking having sex being in fornication so many years thought i was tuff started hanging around with gangsters never got jumped in so thats how i grew up and all that did it got me in and out of jail about 8 times.and i thought i was cool i was a knucklehead you know i had alot of anger inside of me i hated anything that was good all i wanted to do was bad things but i God came into my life one of the times i was in jail God used a hardcore gangster who was facing I thank God because i diddnt reject this vato loco who told me if he could give me a book.the crazy thing that this book was a little book a guidians bible so thats how i became a born again christian he told me that God loved me nomatter what i had done wrong he said God would forgive me for all my sins if i confessed from my heart i started reading in the book of john he told me to read in john so i thank God that i did because thats how somthing started happening in me i started feeling the love of christ of God as i read about Jesus doing all these miracles and wonders and then wen i read he was arested and beat and crucifed on the cross for my sins.thats wen i believed so i wanted my sins forgiven i new i had done many horrible things so this guy julio Velazquez aka bugzy led me in the siners prayer i so grateful to the lord for giving me an opportunity to accept his son jesus as my lord and savior and for the forgivness of my sins.i became born again and a child of God that one day.ill never forget it i back slided for 8 years But God was always there by my side i diddnt even know it till my mom Got sick with cancer in 09 and i just felt like my whole world fell out from under my feet.and i rememberd the first time i felt the love of of Jesus the day wen i cryed for him because he died for me and there something changed inside of me its like a switch was turned on in me it was The call of God i new that day that God was in control of our lives and that he could take it or give us life so i cryed out to the Father and i surrenderd all my life to him to Jesus unfortunately my mom battled cancer for 3 years 1/2. But im so glad my mom saw me clean and sober before she died and my life has never bein the same and it never will be again b3cause God made all things new for me jesus christ is my one step program he is my only way for me to live day by day everyday now and untill im with him in heaven one day God is our Hope our savior our Lord our faith our courage our confidence our reedemer our savior our Promise our maker our shield our armor our truth our life and our way he is our love and his name is
    JESUS JESUS JESUS AND ONLY JESUS HE IS OUR DELEVIER AND FRIEND..HE CAN CHANGE ANYBODYS LIFE FROM WHATEVER ADICTICTION WE MIGHT HAVE..HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE HIM A CHANCE BY JUST SAYING JESUS I NEED YOUR HELP IN MY LIFE…HE IS FAITHFUL TO FIX US AND MAKE US NEW STEP BY STEP BY BEING IN THE WORD.because faith comes by hearing by hearing the word of God.romans 10:17..this means by opening your heart soul spirit and mind in being in the word of God and God does all the rest by the Holy spirit showing us how we ought to walk as obedient children of God..just as hes guiding my heart write now…to share a part of my testimony of How God came and changed my life im free from all ADICTICTION my chains are long gone my shepherd and lord has pulled me out of the darkness and brought me into his wonderful light and the best part is his Light lives inside me and his name is JESUS CHRIST..

  6. After leading the Raiders to a super bowl or two, he has a future in ministry. Excellent message and delivery. It is sad to say, but a lot of athlete testimonies are pretty shallow, i.e. "God helps me be great", or like the spiritual nonsense from Ray Lewis) . This is a rock solid.

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