California Land of the homeless … Streets full of formerly Middle Class

California Land of the homeless ... Streets full of formerly Middle Class

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Along the banks of the American River, adjacent to the Highway 160 bridge in Sacramento, reside a few dozen homeless men and drifters. The State of Homelessness in America 2012, the second in a series from the National. Alliance to ….. 20.06%. 12. California. 135,928. 133,129. 2.10%. 36. Colorado. 15,116. 15,268. -1.00% …… Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX. 5,867,489. 6 …


29 thoughts on “California Land of the homeless … Streets full of formerly Middle Class”

  1. Over qualified? Well then just don't tell them about your experience and start as a helper for lower pay. Work is booming outside of california, these people should move.

  2. Get out of California it's for the rich only go somewhere else because the cost of living is insane and over rated but people are going through hell just to say they live in California for God's sake they even charge you for grocery bags even after you go in and spend 100's on food GET OUT AZ is pretty nice and affordable

  3. those fkn policeman are ass holes working for the EVIL shadow government gangstalkers harassment you name it its all apart of there evil hate and plan's I don't care ill get out of jail and feed the homeless again blessed are you when you are prosecuted for yeshua hamashiach jesus Christ name sake for you shall see the face of YAHUWAH GOD

  4. The coastal areas and large metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are definitely too expensive unless you move in with several people to split the rent and cost of public utilities.

  5. The Obama free ride is over! Don't go to California. Their freak rejects are dumped out into the Border States, starting with the Reagan Wingnuts plan of the 1980s so continue to spend on illegals creating the slum ghetto State of California.

  6. How would anyone think ANY pro-communist troubled place full of terrorist, ISIS threat advocates the scare people, scum punks, illiterate challenge stinktuary headquaters is ANY place interesting to see, or move businesses to? Prime suspects of hell too mentally disordered to even waste anyone's time. Better off bowing over to Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan or any other shitless sovereignty nation who never had companies, or economies Trump would purchase anything from.

  7. soon this whole country is going to become one big Wasteland because they have already destroyed everything. they're so greedy and selfish these bankers and big money corporations and even the big money Pharmaceuticals they have destroyed everything with their greed and their selfishness. In the end their homes too or going to be ransacked. And they will have no place to run . because they have created this Freak Show

  8. Damn,how is it possible for those people to end up homeless? But seriously,arresting the activists now, as well? That's already too much .Fuck the law.

  9. what sad is it not just in California it all over the country and they want to bring refugees in we need to make sure there's no more homeless people in our country before we bring in refugees

  10. And I bet there all vote Democrat, Liberalism does not work Is it not time you switched brand Vote Republican

    Texas is booming Blue Calipornography is in debt

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