AZ Living | Surviving Summer | Walking Around Downtown Phoenix

AZ Living | Surviving Summer | Walking Around Downtown Phoenix

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It has been a long hot week! But I am finally here with my weekly video. Hang out with me and my friends in downtown Phoenix today in this HOT Summer day. I was a little bit anti Arizona this week, because of the heat!

Places in this video:
Serafina Coffee in Downtown Phoenix
Zooks in Downtown Phoenix

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19 thoughts on “AZ Living | Surviving Summer | Walking Around Downtown Phoenix”

  1. Phoenix in the summer can be brutal. I can totally relate with forgetting what I live about Phoenix and Arizona during those months but I have to remind myself what amazing weather we actually get for 7 out of the 12 months of the year. But yea, summers are brutal. Lol.

  2. Lil bit cooler here in Tucson. Higher elevation and more rain. Warm in May but didn’t get to the 100’s till June this year and August has had a lot of 90’s temps. Come Sept we should be more in the 90’s regularly.

  3. There is so much memory of that French bakery building. I remember as a child. Mom and I stayed there when it was a motel. Mom and dad had a big fight. We hid in that building from him. Im 50yrs of age now. So yes it was a long time ago.

  4. for me… summers have become increasingly unbearable. Summers are horrid. When it gets too bad lol take I-17 North a couple of hours… 80 degree weather awaits you, beautiful trees, lakes, greenery… AZ is the bestest foreals. cool vloggy

  5. You could slaughter yourself with sunscreen with the highest SPF you can find and make sure it’s waterproof and go swimming!!!

  6. Zookz !… wow, love the look of their sandwiches – reminds me of the little cast iron clam shell cooker you'd use over a campfire. Would you go back ?

  7. Thanks for sharing! It's been hot in Seattle but only for a few hours 2-6 pm. Got to take the good with the bad! U got a friend in Seattle! 🙂

  8. I love your videos. I just moved here from New Jersey. I think there is such a difference because even thou it snows back east you can still get dressed and go outside and play in the snow. Sledding, snowman, angels and so forth. In the heat you can’t do anything. I’m really having a hard time adjusting here. The people are different here. The only things I like about here is it’s less expensive compared to back east. I live in surprise and it’s clean in a lot of areas. For me I know Arizona is going to take some time to get use to unless it’s not for me. Well good luck.

  9. I know how you feel .. although it is the opposite here in Chicago … we can't go outside for 4 or 5 months in the winter. It drives us crazy. I am coming to Arizona this Thursday the 25th. A little nervous because I hear it's going to be 115, but still so excited.

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