“Church Hill Tunnel” | Old Haunted Train Tunnel in Richmond USA | HD

"Church Hill Tunnel" | Old Haunted Train Tunnel in Richmond USA |  HD

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Church Hill Tunnel is an old Chesapeake and Ohio Railway tunnel, built in the early 1870s, which extends approximately 4,000 feet under the Church Hill section of Richmond, Virginia. On October 2, 1925, the tunnel collapsed on a work train, killing four and trapping steam locomotive 231 and 10 flat cars. Rescue efforts only resulted in further collapse, and the tunnel was eventually sealed for safety reasons.
The Church Hill Tunnel also has a connection to the urban legend of the Richmond Vampire.

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14 thoughts on ““Church Hill Tunnel” | Old Haunted Train Tunnel in Richmond USA | HD”

  1. About a year or 2 ago they began another attempt at drilling into the tunnel to gain access to the train and bodies again.
    Unfortunately as before just as they started to make some progress the tunnel began to fill with water and give way making it unsafe to continue.
    So it appears it may never be accessed as the danger far outweighs any rewards they may gain.

  2. Hi, liked your video very much.  Subscibed and liked your video.  I am looking for subscribers. thank you.  Mike

  3. Actually, Kevin's friend… There are not hundreds of bodies… There may be as many as a half a dozen or so… No matter the number… We know of two… Richard Lewis and a man named Smith…

  4. They just left them in there? That's so sad. I understand the tunnel was dangerous but I'm not surprised it's haunted after that. Those poor souls.

  5. I was one of the few people who actually made it into the tunnel thru a small hole chiseled out of the top of the eastern portal before CSX stepped in and put up the fence to keep people out… I also was the main organizer for the 2000 memorial service… Anyone interested write me @ [email protected]… I know a lot about this tunnel and also wrote and recorded an 11 minute song about it… Bob Harrison

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