21 thoughts on ““CHEMISTRY OF BELIEVING” by Dr Sonnie Badu (RockHill Church)”

  1. This is a powerful and profound message…father increase his capacity to receive more…and enlarge his territory …. bless his ministry Jesus

  2. Thanks so much for the word.. I am really blessed sir and spoken to from above through this sermon..GOD bless you so much and keep you as you raise the banner and nurture an army of truth speaking individuals in the Faith. Blessings bro.

  3. Man I thank God for his faithfulness, it is now 4 months ago God gave me this message, and I thank God he has revealed the same to you Dr. Sonnie badu, for am sure through you the church will come to know the truth. Keep preaching the same message for long sir until the body of Christ will come to find the truth. I love you Sir.

  4. The truth of the matter is: the evidence or manifestation of who is the truth and the purpose of the truth.
    To believe God..,it must be that you have devine encounter and a touch from the Him ,to himself. A touch of the holy ghost.The touch brings a newness of life, different mindset and a hope .

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