My Cats Hanging Out with the Eagles

My Cats Hanging Out with the Eagles

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WARNING: Loud eagle screams so turn down volume or don’t have on headphones! I had gone on a short errand and when I came home I found the cats hanging out with these 2 eagles. During the summer these same two eagles hang out on my porch about every day like it is their own private perch. They also have claim to the lamp post across the street from my house. I just happened to have my FlipVideo on me so I thought I would take a short video to show everyone that the eagles have no interest in eating my cats. The cats sometimes look at the eagles like they would love to catch that big bird but the cats know they don’t stand a chance to even try. Look at the video of Suitcase getting slapped by the eagle(that was the last time he tried to catch one). I have also been trying to figure out which eagle is the female and which is the male and I think the braver one that never flies away is the female and the smaller, more scared one is the male. They sit on the porch rail and watch me in my kitchen for hours! I love the sounds they make!

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  1. These cats are still alive today correct? a simple food shortage for where they normally hunt would make them look at your cats a bit differently… It's why indoor cats are scared of the sky… Lol they hug the ground going back to the most basic instict as a kitten

  2. The eagles : "We came as Napoleonic symbols, the greatest historical emperor. We are re-appropriating this continent back to the King of France and discuss your relocation to british canada "

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