Abandoned East Cleveland

Abandoned East Cleveland

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East Cleveland was partially founded by Scottish immigrants, whose names can still be found in the city such as Shaw Ave. , McIlrath Ave. , and Eddy Rd. . East Cleveland incorporated as a village in 1895 and became a city in 1911. This charter included provisions for women’s suffrage, which at the time was unheard of east of the Mississippi River. Before the charter passed, the city of Cleveland unsuccessfully attempted to annex the municipality in 1910 and in 1916.
East Cleveland includes a portion of Euclid Avenue, which from the 1860s through the 1920s was known as “Millionaire’s Row.” The many estates along this stretch of road in East Cleveland including the home of the late John D. Rockefeller, the Standard Oil founder and “the world’s first billionaire.”
A ghetto city in Ohio, one of the most dangerous in the country. Every side is ghetto especially the eastside east cleveland and the westside in the city. Tags: Cleveland, ghetto, murder, homicide, slums, projects, graffiti, gangs, people nation, folk nation, crips, bloods, 7-all, 10-5, waste 5, hough heights, quarter boys, st clair wasteland, double glock, bone thugs, thuggish, trues, shootings, stabbings, most dangerous, bellaire gardens, garden valley, lakeview, riverview, olde cedar, cedar estates, cliffview, king lincoln, morris black, projects, outwaithe, longwood, Lorain, Elyria, Youngstown, mansfield, warren, East Cleveland, Euclid, St Clair, clark-fulton, superior, MLK, Buckeye ave, woodland, euclid, carnegie, 99th, ghetto, 130th, 79th, 55th, 65th, 116th, 123rd, LA Gunnaz, shaw, miles, harvard, lee, lakeshore, fights, Kinsman, Union, Broadway, Bartlett, Hough, Detroit, Madison, Storer, Denison, Bellaire, Puritas, Quincy, Addison

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Music provided by Ryan Manthey a Lakewood Ohio resident and Musician.
The song in the video is called three cords. The link to this full song and others
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Ryan Manthey

31 thoughts on “Abandoned East Cleveland”

  1. Northeast Ohio – there is something seriously wrong… a soul-crushing vibe, just under the surface. Completely warped.

  2. if you got no stack camping in these places in winter works if you and make it there , beats a tent , a heating blanket and a jumper on a electric line to the place keep you warm . don't go in was a big no no

  3. i'm white .walked east Cleveland streets for years , good peep there , just thin on coin . i never go into a house like that . just unsafe floor rot . lived in Cleveland Hts . if that's bad to ya why go there ? .all i see is places that needs work . hell i love to just have all the bricks, there good for 1000 years .clean your ride it dirty as shit

  4. It's a conspiracy because when i lived there and tried to buy an 18 unit apt the Cleveland business advisors all European were hating hard
    They want it to be the way it is now the police attacked me afterwards and said only smart nigga is a dead nigga
    I ended up leaving before i murked one of them racist piggy wiggy
    They gave me an concussion i lost 13 jobs from 19 dollars an hr down to 16
    They dirty it's all about poli=many
    Ticks=blood suckers

  5. These are all brick properties with strong structures, it will only take rich or REIT(s) to purchase them as an investment. Within one year these properties value will increase 2000%, furthermore it will increase the value of the surrounding properties. While re-habing these properties it will create job opportunities in the neighborhood which in turn will lesson crime. The city of East Cleveland will finally have a consisting cash flow via. property taxes and city / local employment tax. Please Contact the City of East Cleveland Landbank for more information.

  6. One can wax nostalgic about the former glory of East Cleveland all you want but the fact is East Cleveland is DONE and there's no bringing it back. A city with virtually no tax base coupled with incompetent, dishonest management is doomed. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. There is absolutely no incentive for anyone wanting to own a home to live in such deplorable conditions. Gentrification is coming and there's no stopping it. Goodbye East Cleveland, hello University Circle East.

  7. This is the problem with stupid people. If you make the town a shithole (Destroy it) You're going to be living in a shithole.

  8. I Live in lorain and Cleveland no jobs is a depress place ,in not racist but the moré people is black saín im working white thiis gays The ir nice not all use droga is not true

  9. Some dogs barked at you does not mean you where attacked by dogs. I didn't see or hear any evidence Slim Shady was there. This video is lies.

  10. RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! hahahaha… Sad sad city!!! A full century from birth, to the highest of highs, and then the lowest of lows… I don't care if you're white, black, purple, or green… if you have no respect for your OWN community, I have no respect for you… Time for a fleet of bulldozers 🙁 Great video….

  11. Thats not all of East Cleveland , Forest Hills right up the street it looks better than any place haters on here live, and side streets off Euclid got beautiful homes

  12. I was 10 years old living in east Cleveland and across the street were abandoned buildings. I went inside of them during the day I saw a bunch mess and stray cats. I ran out and thought I would catch a disease

  13. I be Jeeves McDoogle! Me great-great-great-grandfather founded E. Cleveland while he was heavily intoxicated!  Long live his memory!

  14. my god! this is east Cleveland Cleveland????!!!!! holy fuck!!!!! no wonder there,s more fucking crime in their motherfucking
    neighborhood shit! I wouldn't want to live there !!!!! excuse me for being son blunt

  15. That guy probably thought you were there to buy drugs. Usually when you see a white person in East Cleveland or another hood like that that's what they're there for. 

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