15 thoughts on “Tour of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens and Sheshequin: The Sheshequin Church”

  1. There is nothing wrong with marketing a religion/belief system. Particularly one like UU that enhances rather than retards human development.

  2. Thanks, TLM. The Sheshequin church building is something of drain on resources. However, many of our members continue to support the idea that we must maintain the building if for no other reason than its historical value. Fortunately, our congregation is a member of the Pennsylvania Universalist Convention, which provides matching grants to us every other year to help maintain the building. Long range planning FTW!

  3. Thanks, happyjesus. My only objection to the personality test scam is the part where it's a scam. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind ripping off the idea from the Scientologists. Perhaps some other form of test or survey could be used as a marketing tool.

  4. Ha!! good idea happyjesus. Need props too, perhaps an electric device which can detect how much "dogmatism" you are afflicted with….

  5. Nice building, I love old buildings I had started a project many years ago, photographing old buildings, that was back before the days of lulu and the like, or it might actually have been finished. I called it "But by grace and father time" I share such an affinity with old building, one thing we have in common is creaking timbers.

  6. You could give the free personality test scam a try it works for the Scientologists. It is rather sad that the crazy forms of religion are better marketed. But, it makes for some fun on YouTube. Thanks for posting this video. It is neat to see a building like that.

  7. Thanks, Duane. It's a special place and our congregation is happy to share it with the planet. People have gathered there to worship and fellowship for over 180 years, and the feeling of sacredness and belonging is overwhelming when I enter the building after a long absence.

  8. Thanks, Squitmaa. The atmosphere of the Sheshequin church is palpable. You walk in and you know that you are in a holy place. I'm also very pleased to return from my semi-voluntary absence from YouTube.

  9. Yes, we celebrated our bicentennial on the same weekend that we installed our new minister; it was quite the party. The fundamentalists are growing because they make the effort to expand. For all our hand-wringing about stagnant membership numbers, we UUs seem to spend more time planning vacations and wine tastings than working to get out our "good news."

  10. Amazing. So you're congregation just had its bicentenial? Amazing. Its discouraging that (these days) fundimentalists have such a much higher growth rate and market share. But it is quite encouraging to know that more liberal views have this kind of staying power.

  11. Thanks, RiaC. It's one of the oldest church buildings of its type in the region. Every year, we get several architectural students and photographers who come to visit.

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