America’s Great Indian Nations – Full Length Documentary – 3689

America's Great Indian Nations - Full Length Documentary - 3689

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This is the first comprehensive history of six great Indian nations, dramatically filmed on location at their native tribal lands across America, using reenactments, archival footage, maps and original music. The story of the Iroquois, Seminole, Shawnee, Navajo, Cheyenne, and Lakota Sioux nations unfolds in their struggle to protect their lands, cultures, and freedoms. “Stirring reenactments.” – Booklist Magazine.

39 thoughts on “America’s Great Indian Nations – Full Length Documentary – 3689”

  1. The "africans" were either the westos "black" indians from the northeast or "black" indians from carribbean or south america meaning they were not truly from africa. And they could have been also "black" europeans, again having nothing to do with being in african tribes from the continent Africa. The whites are lying to cause confusion. Thank you. ( bc current day africans have claimed they did not know about a slave trade with their people on slave ships, aka that means there was no spoken history of there people being stolen in their countries. Whites like to make up lies and fantasies ie, santa claus, ie easter bunny. Their whole culture is based on theft and deceit and lies, they have no real culture. I also read that it was dangerous for them to go to Africa and it was not cost effective so if thats true do you really think they made multiple trips througout the years to bring hundreds of people here from a dangerous area with not enough supplies or money to do so? They would not have be able to survive the way they explained how they stacked them on the boats. How did they feed them and keep food fresh for months on a ship without refrigeration?? They could not travel during hurricane season so that would limit the amounts of time that they could go back and forth. Think. Use your brains. Its not possible. They used people from the americas or europe. America is trying to dumb us down, although it has been said they took indians to europe to an unexplored place in nigeria called negroland. But they brought the black indigenous americans that they took from america to europe they did not take real africans from africa. And it was said they returned those black indians to america. I am now thinking those black indians, so called nigerians and europeans could be the same peoples aka the so called americans of antiquity before the indians you see today and they looked more like the blaxs who exist today. They declared war on the indigenous americans, took them captives they so they could conquer the land they did not declare war on Africa and make them slaves but they did oppress their peoples).

  2. I choose to believe my Grandmother, before believing what has already started off as a lie….
    Making a film and gathering information from one view is not truth!
    This video is for Entertainment purposes only.
    Might Gods peace and love, open the eyes and ears given by him, look at the Ground and in the rock, the story is told for everybody to hear!!!

  3. Eurpean Beasts …none should give these Causian cave men a chance to do this again….
    As long as these white eye have there hands on the system and our money in there hand….choas will surround the World.
    But one thing life as thought me is that nothing last forever ,and you reap what you sow.

  4. Whites the worst breed of human ever created most violet predators the world have ever seen .. they distorted the cultures of many .. burned there pride and raped there women .. still they say whites are the grates people .. and it ain't just america ..

  5. So very sad…………how can we as Americans justify what we did to Native Americans,,,,,,at every turn we lied and killed. How could they ever believe a word that came out of our mouths. So very sad

  6. Like all Indians in this land were or all noble, honest, good! My family is Seminole. My ancestors were just Seminoles, I guess, before there was an America. Now there IS an America, I was born here, so I am an American. I'm only 1/4 Seminole, so I won't call myself Seminole. My grandfather, who was born and raised on a reservation, was. I have NO problem with being called American, and neither did my grandfather call himself other than an American who was Seminole. Nothing heroic about him. He drank himself to death….after he abandoned my grandmother and EIGHT children. I'm not one of the pc crowd who is liberally indoctrinated to be butt hurt about the past. I wasn't alive then, neither was anyone else alive today. EVERYONE born on this soil, once it became America, is American! There were and are good and bad people among ALL groups! Today is today. Some bad history of treatment of my ancestors……I'm glad that part is over. I hate it when ANYONE assumes to speak for others or portray them as all bad or all good. We are all humans living today. Worst thing any tribe has done to themselves is accept government money!

  7. …..this intro glorifies columbus. seriously? he was a murderer. you cannot claim land as "just discovered" when people already live there!

  8. I thought it was just for the cowboy movies, but I now see they really did it—How did they raise livestock and crops on dry SAND?…..The Navajo.

  9. But what if my great great grandparents were Cherokee and I
    Have drops of creek blood in my
    Veins as well as scotch Irish and French? If I gotta go to where my ancestors are from then I’m gonna need a axe to cut myself into many pieces for many places? I’m too Heinz 57 as so many in their 20s and 30s are? I thought America was about tolerance and peace…sharing and respect. Working together. After all I wouldn’t be here if my
    Distant ancestors hadn’t worked together and procreated..

  10. Red Indians just came in across the Bering Strait, and latest findings show that there were Caucasoid

    peoples living in America before their arrival. The Red Indians replaced (slaughtered) the original inhabitants of America, so by colonizing it, white people were actually reclaiming one of their ancestral homelands.

  11. One tribe, I think it was the Oneida tribe but not sure, was exterminated, everyone of them….gone, kylled by the other Iroquois tribes that had gathered on the Great Lakes for some kind of festival. There was a disagreement, and the others genocided them :.

  12. there's people insulting on here n saying "white devil."
    it's very much funny but im just here for a school project. (home schooling)

  13. Then you accuse the Arabs of being terrorists and your state is based on the remains of the indigenous people. America's poorest country in history!

  14. I am a descendant of the european settlers. I find it odd that the first nations people did not notice that many of their nations were missed. All those west of the prairies were not mentioned. Sad.

  15. That was a really stupid comment rex wang The Native Americans United so many times again to white Europeans it was too many whites and too many guns you’re not that stupid are you?

  16. The native Americans and other native people were probably the only human beings who knew how to live on our beautiful planet . And I think now it is the time for us all to learn from that , in order to survive as species. Living with our living planet and not only from it. having respect for all things and beings. To be satisfied with sufficiency and maybe most importantly: to stop the immensive growth of the peoples population worldwide.

  17. I get that the white people of that time were unforgivably cruel to the natives, but why would you say "white", you are talking about all white people. Which is a little racist. It was the people, not the skin color.

  18. If ever a time machine is built i hope they go back to east coast 1450. And vacinate all natives. Bet europe wont get 1 mile of our lands!!!

  19. It's unfortunate that only now, after all the bloodshed that took place in this country, that we regret the actions of the early European American's treatment of Native Homeland Americans…….and the Governments way of forgiving their own actions by slaughtering and displacing Native American people by calling it "Manifest Destiny"…….Something very similar happened in Europe during World War II.

  20. No one is native to America. "Native Americans" didn't grow from the earth, they travelled to it the same as the White Europeans. The continent existed before we settled here, but not the country. America the country was

    built by whites, it was an unsettled, undeveloped frontier when we showed up and is now the greatest country on Earth. It's a testament to the European settlers and the white race in general.

  21. Nicely written documentary. It' sad that America was founded by the blood, sweat, and tears of many. Thousands stripped from their sacred homelands and countries to support the driven dream of prosperity and search for gold. It's nice to have a video that matches everything written in many history books.

    In response to the comment below: The Indians were very spiritual people and it wasn't uncommon for them to believe in certain spirits as a means of survival and way of life. Often times, they had many spiritual Gods depending on the tribe. Many also believed their ancestors were the ultimate spiritual guides who often times sent visions that guided them along life's paths.

    Many Americans, I for one, have Indian ancestors on my father's side. My great grandmother was Cherokee and was from the hills of Kentucky where they commonly resided at the time. Not for once could I imagine how they must of felt living under the circumstances.

    Thankfully it is through our historians who have an appreciation for the facts accompanied with the love of history that we are allotted the stories of long ago.

  22. I admire the Native Americans and how they fought.Counting coup from horseback..sparing an enemy when you could easily have killed him.Nothing more noble than that….Nothing more noble than a chiefs war bonnet filled with eagle feathers earned by Counting coup.The bravest benevolent warrior

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