31 thoughts on “Stardust Ranch Aliens”

  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk_JJfEqGMoTBq-L83Aabh47bm6LAdn1o

    You want to see the rest of the interview here you go nothing but a bunch of Lies when I got home and checked it out myself there was some things when I was out there that I thought it first was paranormal but there was nothing paranormal the guy is lying out of his ass and to top it when I was out there took three days for him to convince me to open up a bank account when I got home I closed it yes I was very stupid and I let it go with at that until I heard that a lady Gale that moved on to his property he was taking all her money he was in charge of her finances he wouldn't let her go anywhere and she had to escape his property when he left the property and his wife Joyce she is lying for him she is terrified of this guy for some reason she won't admit it but she is you could tell you can tell she was being forced to say the things she was being forced to say and you can see that on the videos on this playlist what little she's in you guys want to know the truth look me up on Facebook hit me up I'll tell you the truth I have a whole group I have a whole page dedicated to exposing this fraud

    Facebook = Magalina A Masso

  2. Not only does she keep interrupting but she doesnt finish her sentences and just isnt a very good speaker. I think it wouldnt be as annoying if she didnt stutter

  3. But I believe every word that this man said. I lived in a rural area for a while with some similar things that happened. One guy that I knew got thrown off of his motorcycle near the house I used to live in. I had never been creeped out being outside at night until I lived there.

  4. Lots of  negative comments. Has anybody  ever thought that  John did have pictures and recordings but for him and his wife's safety he keeps saying the same story line with different twists. And what is wrong with wanting to write books and make some money? He is doing good work with  equine  therapy.

  5. Annoying interviewer. Unprofessional. So why didn't the guy setup cameras? With all the activity he is claiming surely something would've been captured on video. Also, this guy John Edmonds is supposed to be a former FBI psychiatrist? He sounds more blue collar. They need to tighten it up if they want credibility. I'm going to watch this entire video. But that woman is irritating to listen to.

  6. I think the interview would have been better without her interrupting constantly! She needs to learn how to listen and stop trying to finish their sentence. Smh

  7. I've been out there lots of planes and not in the middle of nowhere. disappointed in the ghost adventures for their exaggeration on the area.

  8. Lady! You need to put down the bong and shut the f*** up!! Geesus!!

    You have no idea how to interview anyone. Just let the guy tell his story. No one gives a shit about anything or any story you have to tell.

    If I were this guy, I would throw your ass out of my alien infested home in the first few minutes!

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