Tucson Is Awesome 3

Tucson Is Awesome 3

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This is the 3rd installment of my aerial video series featuring Tucson, AZ. This film focuses on our beautiful and quickly growing downtown. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Tucson Is Awesome 3”

  1. Beautiful video, but you keep showing downtown. There is a lot more than shots of Congress. Stop focusing on that.

  2. Loved part 3!  One question, when the drone went through the lags of the horse statue, did you fly through with the camera pointing backward, or are you somehow able to play the video backward?  You do a great job of showing Tucson at it's best!

  3. Living in Tucson is like living anywhere else; it can be stressful at times, and it really depends on a person's station in life; University students and job transfers would like it because they may be around people they can trust. Lots of people love Tucson. The surrounding areas are so beautiful as in the video. There state parks, national parks. One thing that is very challenging is medical care, if you are older and need serious medical attention; the HMOs here have low reviews, the VA may be the worst in the country, in 2017 there are way too many people, and when you drive you have to be very aware of your surroundings. Because of a drug problem like in most cities, there are a lot of breaking and enterings, I've had to acquire a little protection especially when riding my bike, I take a can of bear spray with me, I've been threatened and harrassed on my bike, but the bike lanes a real good, if only they'd level the roads, bumpiest roads anywhere. I'm old and somewht shut-in, but young people who are outgoing could do real well here; there are a lot of happy people and about 20 golf courses; lots of RV parks. Tucson needs a freeway that runs through it, would be a big help, traffic here is abominable but not as bad as southern California, Chicago, or New York.

  4. are roads usually that empty?! Im moving from Seattle and we are super busy with traffic here! Also… what are some good neighborhoods to look at when selecting a house or apartment to rent??

  5. My gosh downtown Tucson has really grown, I graduated from Sahuaro High School in 1978,
    Thanks Brad for these wonderful videos. I moved from Tucson to So. CA in 1978

  6. Excellent work Brad! You have quite the talent at editing! I just recently got into the hobby and having a lot of fun making videos. Keep up the great work. I subscribed (100th for you) 🙂 Barry Richards

  7. The drone you used and the quality of the video is great, but as someone who has lived in Tucson for many years off and on, I was really dissappointed that you showed mostly the downtown area! What about the Mission? DMAFB? Vail, Colossal Cave, the foothills? South Tucson, Old Tucson? You missed a lot of what the everyday Tucsonan sees. I haven't been downtown since 2012! and I still live here!

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