RoadTrip Alaska: Russian Heritage and Farmer’s Market in Palmer

RoadTrip Alaska: Russian Heritage and Farmer's Market in Palmer

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S2 E 112 All the traveling and sight seeing in Alaska is getting to me.. I’m exhausted and ready for a vacation as I leave Homer and the Kenai Peninsula. But first I visit an historic Russian Orthodox Church and town!

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42 thoughts on “RoadTrip Alaska: Russian Heritage and Farmer’s Market in Palmer”

  1. Love the information about Russian village. Beautiful church and grave yard. What
    Created your interest in learning Russian? That is so cool.

  2. Dear Carolyn, Thank you for making us aware of the tranquil Alaskan native village of Ninilchik. Seeing the surrounding grounds and cemetery of the Russian Orthodox church immediately made me think of the hard-working people who once lived in that village so many years ago. Your experiences in Alaska continue to open my eyes, and I am so thankful to you for sharing your impressions of this area of the world with all of us. I hope you are getting the peace and rest you need, and that you feel comforted in knowing how much you are thought of and cared for. Warm hugs always, ღღღ

  3. Would it be ok to ask the year of your RV? Looks pretty good! Is it an 8 or 10 cylinder engine? Milage please? Thanks lot….we are thinking of getting one similar to yours? Anything you have time to share would be very much appreciated…. Thanks a Lot Carolyn!

  4. Thanks for the video young lady. I spent 3 years in Germany and have forgotten most of the language. I was pretty fluent but now CRS.

  5. Awww … loved your kiss at the end. So glad to see how comfortable you are, even as tired as you were from all the constant travel and work. So nice to see footage with dear Capone too. <3

  6. I love and cherish each and every video with CAPONE. I know these will end soon and I will
    Feel the giant void. Bless you sweet boy. Loved Palmer.

  7. Was the rush job (only 4 days in 1 place) due to winter coming? Or there aren't spots that allow longer? I hate that you got so tired out. I enjoyed every stop. I just don't think I could handle the long and short days.

  8. I'm going to find it very hard to watch videos without Capone, but I'm enjoying your channel immensely. I was wondering if you've ever been to the Clifton/Morenci area in Az? That's where I'm from. Keep on keepin' on lady!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  9. Hi, I'm live in Panama City, fl. As I sure you know Hurricane Michael pretty much wiped us off the map. I'm a single women and have been self sufficient most of my life. The mountains of northern California is home. This is where I live because my kids live here. Like so many here, my home no longer exists and I was feeling very overwhelmed and depressed. Your statement "On to a new adventure" is what I live by too. So I'm putting on my big girl pants and on to the next adventure. Thanks for putting things in perspective again.

  10. I hope you will be able to rescue a dog. It would be a great honor to capones memory, plus you are obviously a very good mom.

  11. Lived in Alaska for 39 years. I see you been to all my stomping grounds. I grew up in Soldotna and it put a smile on my face to see you had so much fun here. We moved to Palmer 4 years ago. We love this town so much. So happy you had a chance to walk around and enjoy it. The shot you took with your RV down by the Knik River you panned your camera to the Butte. We live right at the foot of it. If you ever come back this way again you must come check it out. The Butte is a popular climbing place and when you get to the top it takes your breath away. Literally it does mine, because of the altitude, but you wont ever regret it. So anyway, just wanted to say hello. Happy travels

  12. Carolyn, You seem to be doing better.. So good to see you smile… I wondering if the Weather will be pointing you South soon? I know too well what the Alaska winters are like…Whatever the choice, safe travels…

  13. Great video ! The moose looked really skinny, I guess maybe from a distance they are. Go take your overdue, long deserved break !

  14. What a beautiful cemetery. So much lovely covered in wildflowers compared to gravel, barren grave yards. Loved Capone taking himself for a walk. Miss him too.

  15. Palmer…you were within a few miles of my son and his family (3 grandchildren). I drive my van up every other year to visit. Summer of 2017 drove to Prudhoe Bay, beautiful. We raised our children in Alaska, 14 years, and still have places to see. Glad you’re enjoying.

  16. Carolyn ~ We are so new to this ~ but you have helped bring so much to light – and life. We do know that since you have lost your best friend ~ and to that we cannot extend enough our deepest sorrow ~ because we really do understand the pain and period of grieving. You are now in our hearts. Thank you for sharing so much information along with your real life experience on the road. Please take good care of you. ❤❤

  17. Perhaps, One of these days we could have a " BLOOPERS " video ! That would be great !!! Love ya & Praying for you !

  18. Totally agree with your comments on parking at stores. Have seen the same thing in places like California where people set up and stay for days instead of just a place to sleep for the night. Campgrounds really need to get onboard with a low priced overnight site for a safe place to spend a night and get back on the road.

  19. Thanks for making your videos interesting, I can't watch alot if videos all the way through, I get too bored, except for yours, take care!

  20. I admire that you are able to recognize your feelings and honour them. This is something that I am working on. You are a wonderful mentor and a lovely person. Thank you for sharing another interesting Alaska video.

  21. Prudhoe Bay!!! Whoa, you are bad ass…and so is Phoenix. Will love to see your trek there. Glad you have a good rig. It is very heartwarming to see you and Capone together and on adventure. I love remembering him and all the places that pooch got to explore. Thanks for including Capone in these videos.

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